A dog question and a message from Rosiebud

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. ckball

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    Hi everyone- Do you still remember me???, LOL.

    I have been one busy gal, but that is a good thing because I do feel much better and am making progress, slowly, but progress on my yard.

    First, Rosie asked me to let you all know she has been dealing with some family issues and everything will be fine but her computer time has had to take a back seat for now.

    She misses all of you and will be back as soon as she can. So please send prayers to her and her family.

    My dog question- 3 times in the last 2 weeks Twy has had these well for lack of a better word, spells. She has not been roaming only in the house or tied to the house.

    These alwasys start in the house, twice at night, like 4:30 am this morning. She started by stucking her toungue in and out like a snake, then she trys to eat the carpet in the bedroom like grass.

    I let her out and she ate grass and I only saw her throw up one time the first time she did it. It is almost like she has eaten a bug or something and her mouth itches, like having the roof of your mouth or back of your throat itch.

    Has anyone seen this from your dogs? Would eating a misquito or a certain type of spider cause this? She really is a bug chaser.

    I don't know what else to think, but the first time she did this was just before going to bed and she had already been out to potty and wanted back outside BAD, I said no a few times then she tried to scratch the window and the door.

    This morning she woke me up by pulling the carpet up. She seems fine now but just curious and anyone else has seen this.

    I will be gone most of the day so if I don't respond back, I will later this evening. I miss being able to post and don't even have a chance to read everything.

    I do pop in on the porch but not like I use to. I am getting as much done as long as I am able to. Then if I crash, then hopefully the work will be done.

    Thanks for any input you have and I will give Rosie any messages you want me to. Take care and I hope everyone is doing as best as they can-Carla
  2. Rafiki

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    Ok, using deductive reasoning, I have a theory which could be totally and utterly wrong.

    I was thinking that when a person wretches, their tongue gets kinda rigid and stick out so, wouldn't dogs be the same. So, maybe her stomach is upset and she's either doing a near or silent wretch and wants some grass to get the job done.

    Don't know. Just a thougt.

    Hope she's ok!


    ETA Give my best to Rosiebud.
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  3. rockgor

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    Sorry to hear about Rosie. Hope she is better soon. That must be awful to be sticking your tongue in and out like a snake.

    Oh, wait, I see my brain fog is acting out again. Well, best to Rosie and Twy. I 'spect upset stomach as Rafiki says is probably the cause. Can you find anything helpful on line?

    I hope the family issues are short-lived and Rosie is back with us soon.

    Hoots, Mon!

  4. Debra49659

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    every once in a while she will wake me up, making a weird slurping kinda noise, and then shortly after that I will hear her start to rip the damn carpet up. i thought i was crazy before i knew what was going on, when i would find these circular areas with no carpet in them...lol. by chance is your carpet green?? mine is:) i also believe its an upset stomach because when i let her outside she will run to the nearest grass clump and start pulling that up.

  5. ckball

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    Thanks, it's good to know she is not the only one that does this, it does make since about a upset tummy but what caused it?

    I only feed them Purnia, so table food and they don't roam to eat critters anymore. My carpet is slate blue so it doesn't look like grass,lol.

    I had just figured she had eaten a bug of some kind. I do live in the country so have some strange litter critters from time to time. Thanks again and I hope it is the last time us. Carla
  6. Rafiki

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    With my guys, aside from times when they have eaten something that upset them, they would throw up if they had an empty stomach. Digestive juices can be irritating. I think that dog food digests much more quickly than an animal carcass would and that leaves their stomach's empty save digestive juices more than is natural. I find a few bits of kibble or, in an emergency where there is no kibble, a piece of bread settles things down.

    Your wee friend may be experiencing something different. They do seem to have remarkably delicate stomachs for creatures who will eat just about anything. :~) Oh, and they have really lousy colour vision so anything "growing" up from the ground may seem like a good substitute for grass.

    Some dogs just like greens, of course. I have a dog who LOVES greens! You should see the looks he gives my salads!

    Hope everyone feels better soon!

    Peace out,
  7. Doober

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    be a somache/belly ache like a few have mentioned. Or this could also be a case of a caught furball in her someache and she is trying to get herself to throw up.

    She could also have something caught somewhere in her throat and she is trying everything she can to get it unstuck?

    One of my dogs had like a furball in her stomache from licking herself after she was brushed and she didn't give us enough time to shake the loose hairs from her body before she took off to another room.
  8. kholmes

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    I've seen similar behavior in our dog, Peanut (part King Charles Spaniel, part Border Collie, mostly mutt), but I never knew what caused it, and it went away the next day. She didn't try to eat the carpet, though. Hope your dog is okay.

    If you get a chance, give my love to Rosie and I hope her family troubles get resolved soon.