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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kimbuh, Aug 21, 2006.

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    Hi. I'm new and just found this great forum. Last night I came across the [web site address removed as per rules] site of Dr. Whicomb's chiropractic method and theory of fibromyalgia. I have spent the last several hours on the net exploring this and found some past threads here on him -- most just asking if anyone knew more about this.

    I finally came across a 31 year old woman on MySpace who just got finished with the 10 week treatment with him in Tahoe. Go to the following link below to read her weekly journal blogs of her progress. It sounds pretty darn encouraging but it is expensive and you have to spend 8 weeks in Tahoe! Not a bad place to be, but wanted to share this and see if anyone knows anymore first hand stories. Let me know what you guys think.


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    Please fill out your profile so we can get to know you better. Thanks.

    God Bless.
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    First, let me welcome you to our board.

    I'm not familiar with My Sapce, but I don't think you can post your profile there on this board. It's too much like posting your e-address, which is against the rules.

    I know it's hard to know what is and isn't allowed when you are new but you can click on the rules next to where you log on.

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi Kimbuh,
    I've not been here in a long time, but was just geting ready to post, because I JUST SAW this chiropractor in South Lake Tahoe. I was on vacation, and happened to drive by the clinic. I knew I had to stop and find out what this clinic was all about. It's ironic you posted this just as I was getting ready to write something.

    I arrived at his office, and he wasn't seeing any patients at the time, so he pulled my husband and I into an exam room and we chatted. He's a pleasant looking man, and spoke softly and gently.

    Now, I did not tell him I happen to be a nurse. I am also a clinical reseach nurse in the field of Neurology. I just wanted to see what he was offering fibromyalgia patients.

    The doc told my husband what he imagined was happening to me. He said if I had the pain below my hips (do I ever!)I was real sick. He referred to me as the "sick one", but that bugged me. He did seem to understand my symptoms of fibromyalgia, it's just I don't entirely trust the cause and effect he described.

    I asked him if he had written any abstracts, but he said no. He was in the process of writing a book. I asked him if he'd taught any collegues his techniques, but he told me no. He said something to the effect he was going to wait until his book was released, and then he'd teach others. I guess I felt sad he had no articles published in any recognized medical journals. He said something to the effect he knew others in the medical field would be hard on him, because he'd discovered the "reason" and "fix" for fibro, and nobody would take him seriously. Although I could understand there would be doubters, I sure would have felt better if he told me there were others who used his techniques and validated them. He did say not everybody he sees gets better, but he cited a VERY large number that do, unfortunately, my memory escapes me at the moment, and all I do remember was it was a very large percentage.

    It had a *different* feel in his office, one I can't quite describe. I don't want to say anything negative, but it was a curious feeling I had watching these patients with fibro. The women there were all patients who were under his care, and the chiropractors wife (?). They were all (patients)living in a nearby motel/hotel for weeks on end to be able to receive frequent neck adjustments. They ALL seemed to be believers, and one was so sad. She cried/teared-up easily, and I could tell she was in so much pain. I almost cried listening to her talk about herself, and how she came to his office. It's hard not to WANT to believe this concept he was telling me was TRUE and the REAL CURE. I WANTED sooo badly to believe he was telling me the honest truth. It seemed like these women were a TREMENDOUS source of support for one another, and I pray they do get healed. I pray it's not a placebo effect - one that's really a true phenomenon. The doc had these women talk to me about their experiences, and they were chatting in a circle.

    Saturday morning we headed home, and my head was so confused, yet intrigued by what I'd heard in Tahoe.

    By this afternoon, back at my office, I'd been thinking, a lot. I finally asked my boss, a Board Certified Neurologist what he thought of all of this. He told me he didn't buy it. He seemed to think if this chiropracter really knew how to fix this, he'd tell others, and he wouldn't lose money or patients in the process. He also told me one needs to be careful under the care of a chiropractor, because artery damage can occur with manipulations, resulting in strokes. Now, I knew there were risks with anyone messing around with your cervical spine, so I would never just jump into something like this without a lot of research.

    My boss told me he only recommended one chiropractor in our area. He felt this one was good, and a safe practitioner. I made an appointment. I plan to see this guy on Wednesday morning, and tell him what Dr. Whitcomb said to me. I'd like to know what he thinks.

    If Dr. Whitcomb is for real, I wish he'd teach others now. I wish he'd not force people to travel from all across the US (and no doubt outside the US!) to come to him. Surely there must be others who can help people in their own states/countries. As a nurse, I hate to think people have to leave their homes for months on end to get this treatment. The women all seemed to truly be bonding, but I wonder about their families at home. One woman had her supportive husband with her, and he gave a glowing report of her progress, but he seemed to be the only spouse there.

    I don't know. I'm trying really hard to remain open, even if I don't understand all of this. I know NOBODY knows it all. It's hard though, I'm a nurse, and science is my background. Hard science with real documentation and evidence to read. Dr. Whitcomb says he's in the process of doing such, but I sure would have liked to see it.

    In my little bit of post-Whitcomb visit I did read about one rheumatologist who seemed to think there was something to this concept (a Dr. Yunus I think?), so I can't give up the hope. All I know is fibro is real, and it hurts. I would really like to meet people who have been healed by this method, I really would.

  5. kimbuh

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    Wow! I haven't spoken to anyone WITH FM, about MY FM, ever, so it's great to get a few responses. (The inner circle of friends & family doesn't quite get it.)

    To Unicornk -- thank you so much for the suggestion. I put up a profile.
    To Mikie -- thanks for the 'welcome' and yes, I don't quite know the rules yet. Actually, I didn't post 'my' profile on myspace.com, I refered to a girl who had journaled her 8 week fibro experience with Dr. Whitcomb and says after the treatment, she is virtually pain free. (Her blogs are lengthy and I didn't want to copy them here, but thought they would be of great value for people here to read. Is that against the rules? Help! I don't want to be banned after one day! Keep me in line!)

    And now dear Lisadot -- What a coinincidence that you would come upon Dr. Whitcomb by chance! A "drive-by", if you will! I was first taken by his theory of Spinal Stenosis. My mother has that and I seem to have EVERYTHING she has! (Including the extra fat pads on the inner thighs! Darn the DNA! Like mother like daughter?? Hate it! Although she is a sweet, funny, amazing 77 year-young woman. Maybe, just maybe, I might have that, too????)
    I'm curious about this "Different feel" you felt in his office. You said you couldn't describe it -- but... well... can you describe it?!?! LOL. I appreciate your nursing knowledge and would love to hear more. I live in Sherman Oaks. Are you near? (Is that against the rules?)

    I read some things about Dr. Whitcomb through a Google search, and watched the testimonials on his own site, but the reason I linked to this girl, Julie -- (her My Space site journal), is because she is not associated with his website -- just an independant sufferer, like us, who commited to the process, with great doubt I might add, and seemed to come out seemingly pain-free. I thought people here should read that. She also cherished the invaluable comradeship with the other patients. I suppose it's like summer camp. After a week or so, you really bond with those you have things in common -- and 'things in common' is built-in to this scenario, eh?!

    I was interested in your boss' comments. I've participated in many brand new test studies on Fibro, and none of these doctors want to officially release their findings until they have tons of backup. I think I would feel the same way. Be prepared to defend your findings, right??? But who knows what to trust.

    And this IS expensive and IS in Tahoe. I've been wondering -- how would I, or anyone, for that matter, stop their lives for 8 - 10 weeks?! Then I thought -- hey, people go to drug rehab for months at a time! If I really believed in it -- I could probably find a way, right? Can one do an Intervention on themselves???

    So I would love someone to read Julie's blog journal on her experience and give me your feedback. If you're not allowed to go to that site, let me know and I can try to pull some key notes from it. I'm thinking of contacting her directly to get REAL feedback and see after some time, if she REALLY recommends Dr. Whitcomb.

    Thanks again, everyone. It's nice to hear from real people that share my everyday pain. The irony??? I'm a comedy writer! It's damn hard to be funny when you're constantly digging for the energy to put on the 'cover' that you're jovial! (Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately -- everyone seems to buy it.)
    Gratefully & often forcing a smile,

    *Sorry so long! It's my first post ever on any site. I will become more succinct with my words next time.

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