A father's tribute to his son.

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    At the age of 28, Captain Matthew August was killed in Iraq. He was laid to rest at West Point. In the church where he was baptized, in the town he grew up, a memorial mass was celebrated Wednesday. The mass was befitting a hero, the eulogy captured Matt's essence. At the end of the mass, his father rose to speak. In a strong voice that never wavered, he drew a clear picture of Matt as a child, young adult and officer of the United States Army. Never will I meet a father with so much courage to be able to stand before family, friends, coworkers, politicians, clergy and community to express so much love and pride in his son, and in the end, "Rest now, Matt, your job is done." At this point, the only dry eyes were those of his father.

    Please pray for our armed forces, whether or not you agree with this conflict, these soldiers need our prayers.

    And when you meet and talk with family members of our soldiers, please just say thank you.

    In the past week since Matt was killed, he has been the topic of many conversations since my sons were very close to Matt. What I have experience is an onslaught of their political views and how wrong and what a WASTE of life this is. Many of these folks know my son expects to be in Iraq within the year, and the onslaught still goes on. This was hurting me so………

    I am grateful for having stood in the presence of this wonderful father yesterday and learning from his strong, powerful voice that he did not consider his son’s mission to be a waste and that he was proud of the job his son had done.

    Again, please pray for our troops. Fondly, June

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    I will certainly be praying for all of our troops.

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Please bless this nation in which we live.

    Please pour out your spirit upon this nation's troops and upon its leaders.

    Our nation has had times of trial and times of blessing.

    At this moment, we are facing grave dangers and trials we have not seen in generations.

    Because of this dark hour in our nation's history, I seek your touch upon this nation, troops, leaders and citizens.

    Touch the heart of every man, woman, and child who lives within our borders.

    O Lord, open our heart to you and to your love.

    O Lord, open our heart to you and to your will for our people.

    Protect us from the looming darkness that threatens us.

    Protect us from the evil that lurks about both from within and from without.

    Protect our troops.

    Protect our leaders.

    Inspire in all of us, the desire to do your will and only your will.

    Keep us on our knees before your Cross.

    May your touch open the floodgates of our creative spirit, our imagination, our inventiveness, our growth, and our unlimited hope for the future.

    Inspire in us a heart to turn from every corruption.

    Inspire in us a heart to turn from every temptation.

    Inspire in us a heart to do and live only your will each day.

    All these things I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Amen and Amen.

    Many Blessings to everyone, Judy <a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_22.gif' border=0></a>
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    You are blessed, thank you! June
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    Each night, my husband lifts up our troops in prayer, for their protection and prays for peace also.

    I agree in prayer with him-how I wish we did not have to live with war.

    I know the day is coming, when war will be no more, and am looking forward to that day. Til then, may the Good Lord sustain us all and give the leaders of our Country wisdom.

    love to you, blessings
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    My brother in law Dana has served in the Navy and is now part of Homeland Security. We tell him often that what he has done (and is doing) is noble. I pray for him our other service men always.

    He is in need of prayer himself today. (Please respond to post "Prayer needed for Dana") He lost his father last night. His father served in Vietnam. He was very sick for many years as a result of his service. He died last night as a direct result of his time in Vietnam.

    Just because our men come home does not mean they no longer need our prayer or God's help.

    What a beautiful story, June. Thank you for reminding us to continue our prayer for our Troops. We need to remember to include ALL troops, not just the ones serving the USA.

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    Thank you for your prayers. Fondly, June
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    I live in Easley, South Carolina. We also lost a precious young lady a few weeks ago in Iraq. She was a captain and flew a helicopter. Her name was Captain Kimberly Hampton. She was the only child her parents had. She was a remarkable young lady. In her middle school years she played the flute. Today my granddaughter sits in the exact chair that Kimberly sat in. My granddaughter plays the flute also. Kimberly was in ROTC in high school. My granddaughter has expressed a desire to join ROTC next year. I have pleaded with her to not do it. I also pray for our troops daily and for Iraq. May God bless each and every precious soul serving our great country.
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    Will keep Kimberly in my prayers and your granddaughter. My son is an Apache Helicopter pilot in the Army. Thank you, June
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