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  1. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I have had this illness for about 21 years but only the past year have I had the experience of being too sore to touch. By this I mean for someone to touch my arms any more then VERY lightly and to lay in bed some nights is almost all I can bear to lay on the bed even with foam cushions on my mattress.

    How sore are you?

    What do you do to help this?

    Has yours progressed?

    Mine began about a year ago from mild to now being very severe most days and nights, or all the time.
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    Good Morning

    I am sorry that you too have this probelm. I'm right there with you .
    there are lots of days I can't even where a bra as it hurts my skin. as you said just to touch me hurts. I feel so brused all over. and just to lay in bed kills me.. I will even still hurt on my Hip and sholder and arm where I lay on myself on into the next day and afternoon. just feels like I bruse myself by laying down. I even have a extra pad on my bed does not seem to be enough. I wake almost every night in pain. lots of nights I end up on the couch sleeping sitting up.. this is prob not god as I need to be using my c-pac . I have sever sleep Apnia. ( sorry my spelling )

    I do beive Fibro to be progresseve. at least mine seems to be.

    I saw this big pillow like thing you can buy to slep on on line the Comfort-U Pillow White this was created by a women with Fibro to help her sleep ... I was thinking of buying one or making one with bean bag beads. . I just hate to wast anymore money , I bought the matress pad a down like one . thinking it woudl be think enough . but its not I need at leat a good 6 to 8 in. of extra padding , LOL.. but really .. it does hut to lay on myself .. this is so hard to try and discrib to my doc also.

    I wish you the best of luck and pray for good days for you .

    Take care .. Spirit ~
  3. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I hope someone can tell me too how long this has been going on for them.

    How long have you had it that you have gotten this way honey?

    I am now 62, so part of mine is age I am sure.

    Progressive, for sure, mine was very mild for about 12 years and then each year I seem to get much worse since then.
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    Are we talking about fibromyalgia? From my knowledge, being sore to the touch is a big part of FM. It wasn't so much part of a progression for me as it was one of my major symptoms immediately after it got triggered, up until it started to get better. Aloe vera gel capsules (i don't know why, really) helped me with the feeling like your skin is raw; every time I would start to forget it, that sensation would be back within three days.

    Magnesium (and finding the right kind that your body can absorb best) is a huge benefit for people with fibromyalgia; though in my case I was even more tired for a week or two before it started to help. But WOW did it help the muscle pain, nerve pain, and stamina.

    Those are my recommendations, and I'm sorry this is treating you so terribly =(

    (some information and research articles about FM and magnesium: http://web.mit.edu/london/www/magnesium.html One thing of particular interest is the role of estrogen and magnesium, and why so many FM sufferers get worse or get diaganosed after menopause)

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  5. Janalynn

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    I'm so sorry that you are so 'sore'. I know that many people are. I'm fortunate that that isn't a big problem for me. (Knock on wood) I have gone through phases though where I have not been able to touch parts of my skin - at all. Even air blowing across my arm was incredibly painful. I once felt like acid was poured all over my skin. That's when Dr.s first thought I might have MS.

    Years later that same arm caused me a different kind of pain but very painful nonetheless- hard to describe, but couldn't stand being touched, couldn't let my arm hang, yet hurt to hold it up (touching it). I swear if someone bumped me I probably would have swung at them (with my good arm). LOL!!

    I had to prop it just right, be careful of what kind of covers I'd have on me at night. That pain lasted about 8 weeks. I still refuse to have my blood pressure taken on that arm. I'm scared to death that it will set it off again. It's been two years.

    My sister inlaw's sister has Fibro - she can't stand to be hugged at all, or barely touched. Her skin is extremely sensitive and sore. Whenever I see my sister in law, she'll go to hug me then hesitate - I have to remind her that it's okay to hug ME. Hugs don't bother me unless you squeeze too hard. Many people with Fibro ARE sore to the touch. I'm so sorry you're one of them!

    Often our skin is very sensitive to pain like everything else! It sounds like you have a good Dr. I'd discuss this with him if you haven't already. Not sure what he can do, but you never know!

    He might have some good ideas on how to alleviate some of your pain/soreness.
    I sure hope so!

    GENTLE hugs
  6. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    I've noticed that I have trouble using a washcloth in the shower and drying off more often than not. Sometimes I have trouble leaning back against the backs of hard chairs because my back hurts. A blood pressure cuff brings tears to my eyes.

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