a few questions I need answered!!

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  1. fallingapart

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    Hello again....I may be a pain in the bottom for awhile until I get better knowledge to this DD!!
    A few questions if anyone can answer them please!
    1. what is MSM and what does it do for you?
    2. what is tetra boran and what does it do for you?
    3. what is malic acid and what does it do for you?
    4. is stiffness a part of FM? even if I sit or I am in a certain position for like 10 mins I get stiff and painful in that erea.???
    5. my platelets are high, does that have to do with hypercoagulability?
    6. do old injurys flare up again after so many years with this DD ?

    If ayone can help me out I would really appreciate it!! :)
  2. Kathryn

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    I can't answer all of your questions, but maybe someone else can.
    1. MSM can help your joints. It has been used for years on race horses. If you also have arthritis, you might find it useful.
    2. I have no idea.
    3. Ditto
    4. Yes. This is very common with FM. A heating pad can be a miracle worker. If you can't plug in a heating pad, either make or buy one that goes into the microwave for a few minutes, then remains hot for a couple hours.
    5. I will take guess on this one and say yes.
    6. Absolutely! My arthritis is limited to the places that I injured years ago.
    Wish I could be more help.
  3. Dayle

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    as for #4 yes we all get very stiff & the best thing just seems to be to get up & move, stretch & sit again, a good massage therapist can help. Walking, swimming etc. help try to keep mobile as much as you can but don't over do. As for #6 old injurys can flare up even if you don't have fibro; the best thing is to have all injurys well taken care of from the start. Keep reading, & learning, you are the best 1 to make informed decisions about your care. Dayle
  4. fallingapart

    fallingapart New Member

    Thanks for some the answers!! I really appreciate it!
  5. fallingapart

    fallingapart New Member

    Hi madwolf,
    Thank you for those answers! My platelets are 496.
    So far my pain is not better, if anything it's getting worse.I some how kinked my neck on my right side and the pain has spread to the middle and left side now. I just started all of those supplements...hopefully they work :)I am very lucky to have a thoughtful doc to reccomend such supplements.I am looking foward to getting better!!
    Thanks again for your help!
  6. LeLeHpr

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    If I could get your help, I will be forever greatful. When I have flares I cannot bend my arms/legs or even flinch a muscle. The pain is so intense I vomit from the pain. From your research with your patients, is this normal? My Rhuemy put me on a steriod pack to get me through the initial flare, then viox 2x's a day along with skelaxin and darvacet when needed. Also, she thought buspar would help with the anxiety that comes along with FMS. Do you think this is a good treatment plan? I exercise 4x's a week in the gym rotating cardio and light weights, I eat very healthy and drink tons of water. Is there some recomendation you could make that would maybe help with my treatment? I have gone through numerous docs including an infectious disease doc who was perplexed by my sky high inflamation markers. After what seemed like 10,000 tests everything was fine.

    I just fired my PCP for telling me to learn to accept having FMS and be thankful I am not as ill as some of his other patients that have high blood pressure/diabetes/high cholest...Talk about wanting to slap someone..LOL (Just thought you would get a kick out of that..HEHE)

    Anyhow, any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. I know I have never met you but, I have great respect for your timely responses and sharing your expertise with everyone. GOD BLESS YOU!

  7. LeLeHpr

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    Thanks for the quick response. You ever thought of moving to Florida?

    Have a wonderful day and thanks again!