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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by tlayne, Jun 14, 2006.

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    I have a few questions since I am new to the worship board. When people are requesting prayer should I post my prayer for them on this board, or would it be better to pray for them and then let them know that a prayer has been offered for them? The reason why I ask is because...I want to offer a prayer for everyone that asks, but I am afraid that I will not have the time if I post my prayer for them on the board. Also I know that where two or more are gathered together and agree in Jesus name there is more prayer power, but I am not always certain of what they are asking for.

    A want to be an effective prayer partner, please give me advice on how I can do this here. Thank You, Love Tam
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    Prayer is such a personal thing and for ever 25 people there will be 25 different answers.

    When I'm reading, God sometimes says stop and pray for this person right now. Sometimes the time and thoughts are not there and I pray for all as a group.

    On this board we certainly have two or more gathered and God knows this. He also understands CFC, FM, RA, OA and all their little buddies and the way it affects our ability to think and pray.

    Somedays I just have to turn it over to the Holy Spirit to comunicate our needs to the Father. It's all good (as they say).

    Tam, I'm so happy to meet another sister in Christ. I pray I can be there for you. Ask anytime for prayers and we'll come running. We are here for you. Many Blessings. De

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    I think he wants my attention. lol! I will respond to these posts tomorrow, k? Love, Tam
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    Dejovu....Boise! How exciting! My aunt lives in Eagle! I go to see her several times a year, too bad we can't exchange info so we can meet! There is another lady on the board that lives in Twin Falls, just 10 miles away from me. I still think that next year on fibro awareness day that we should all try to meet & get the press involved. I know that many of us can not travel too far, but we could have several meeting spots. Like one or two different places in each state. I would love that! Thank you for the imput on praying, and being there for me!

    hangininthere, nice to see you again on this post! Thank you for your kind words, and advice!

    I am there for you guys too! How wonderful to be part of the family of Christ here!

    I think I have this figured out...I am going to make a prayer list, so I can pray for them in private, and then I will let them know that I am praying for them. I think in hard times it helps to know that prayers are being offered up in our behalf! Love, Tam