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  1. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    My hubby was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, so he's started using a CPAP. The question is- did it take you long to get used to it? He is not feeling more rested than he did. He is just as tired and he's been on it two weeks. It's a nuisance and he's not too sold on it. If he could just lose about 50 lbs. he likely wouldn't need it, but that's hard to do overnight. Any input?
  2. maggiemae55

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    been using it for about 1 month. I use the nasal pillows instead of the mask. I think either pillows or mask are anoying and I have to re-adjust it several times a night it seems. But I think I am feeling more rested, so I put up with the anoying part to get a better sleep.

    I've read so many positives about it, I figure I will get used to it before long.

    Hope this helps,

  3. jgarcia1963

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    My husband just started using a CPAP 2 weeks ago, and we both noticed a difference after the first night! He was fitted for his CPAP at the Sleep Disorder Clinic, and he said it's MUCH more comfortable than the one he used when he slept overnight at the Sleep Clinic.
    I think the doctor is right about it being harder to lose weight when you're tired all the time. We have both gained about 15-20 lbs. in the last year, when his snoring/apnea started getting worse (no change in diet/exercise). I think it has something to do with Stage 5 sleep (the deepest sleep).

    Good luck with the CPAP!
  4. JLH

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    I agree with what the others have said .... it will take time for him to get used to his cpap. He may not have the best mask for him. He needs to call his provider back and have a talk about it.

    You must keep your mouth closed when wearing the mask, or you will swallow all of the air which is meant to go down your throat.

    Sometimes I still don't feel rested, but that's because I have so many health problems; however, I know that by using the cpap, that I won't go into congestive heart failure!

    If you are taking narcotics, you definitely need to use your cpap!

    I love mine and can't sleep without it--even if the mask bothers me sometimes during the night!

  5. alaska3355

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    I'll just tell him to hang in there...he said that last night, he thinks he turned the corner and that sleeping is better with the CPAP. He finally is feeling more rested. But if the mask is bothering him, I'll tell him to call his sleep center and try another one. Terri
  6. GwenGlo

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    ...jinlee and the others, keep after your provider until he gets fitted properly.

    I also found that when I loosened mine it worked better.

    I had it too tight and then the least bit of air escaping woke me up.

    I have the face mask that goes over nose and mouth and it didn't take long (a few nights) and it didn't bother me.

    Do I feel better since I'm using it? No. I'm just not having it said that I'm not complying.

    I have an appointment on July 11th to assess my situation.

    Dr. Juguilon said I need a Bi-PAP machine with oxygen. But how do I tell them at the sleep clinic?


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