A Free Weekly Massage For FM sufferers

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Janice99, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Janice99

    Janice99 New Member

    This has really made my week! I found a medispa here in NYC that takes my insurance (it hasn't cost me a cent, which is good, because I am completely broke right now) and has physical therapists who do full hour treatments, with 45 minutes of massage as part of it. It's the higlight of my week. You just have to go to FreeWeeklyMassage (edited to remove URL) and they let you know if there is a Medispa near you.
  2. danisue22

    danisue22 New Member

    for the info .I'll check it out.Sure could use one tonight. Thanks again Danisue
  3. NightAngel

    NightAngel New Member

    That is not an official website; it is a personal AOL URL.

    So it seems kinda shady to me.....if they were an offical company, they'd have an official site. Not a free rinky dink site with aol.

    Well, that's my humble opinion anyway :)
  4. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    It asks for your date of birth, insurance carrier, insured id number, which is in our case our social security number and it says "relax with what feels like a real massage",,,,,,,,,,,this is also her first post, I smell somethung fishy, or is that snake oil?????????

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am leaving this post, but you may not post anything from which you profit. Also, you may not post URL's.

    I would not suggest anyone fill out the info asked for at this website as it is not a secure site. You can find out yourself from your own insurance whether this is covered.

    It may be on the up and up, but there's a little flag going up in my mind on this one. This is waaaaay too much info to be giving out and could be used for identity theft. Be very, very careful.

    Love, Mikie
  6. pamela

    pamela New Member

    fishy..fishy...fishy...nothing is free anymore and if it says its free there is always a catch. Just a tid bit of words of wisdom!!! Pammy
  7. healing

    healing New Member

    I am so uncomfortable with this site that I urge you to remove the post. It's a blatant theft of information that should never be given out. I fear people will give out the info before learning about the need for caution.