a funny (?) joke:

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    Well... I thought it was funny! Judge for yourself. :D

    A man calls 911 & shouts, "I need help! My wife just fainted in our kitchen!"

    The operator asks where the man lived.
    The man replies: "On Euclipidadiatrrosian Boulevard!"
    Operator: "Can you spell that for me, sir?"

    There's a short pause before the man replies:

    "Ummm... Can I just drag her over to Oak Street???"

  2. rockgor

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    How can there be any doubt? It's funny as a monologue by the writers for
    _________. (Insert name of your favorite comedian.

    I'm so old I remember when Lucy was called a comedienne, and Pearl S. Buck was
    an authoress.

    The joke in question is kind of a variation on, "If you lost your ring in the bedroom,
    why are you looking in here?"

    "The light's better."

    I don't think one would want to live on that Blvd w/ the long name. The taxes are
    probably higher to pay for the street signs.

    Speaking of oaks, where do oaks come from?
    From acorns.
    Well, then, where do acorns come from?

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    Pippi!,,Thanks for Lololo!
  4. Pippi1313

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    Acorns come from oak trees, of course!