A God Moment....

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    Good Morning Everyone.....

    I had something "A God Moment" for lack of a better term, hit me while I was driving down to attend my bosses (sp) mothers funeral downstate. It came to me after a very heavy, yet powerful sermon yesterday, and the news that one of our own in our congregation had committed suicide. She was a young married mother of three children. It hit me, that we all go through life, it seems, all holding out for something. For myself, it's the hope that one day I may get married again, and have a family. For others it may be a house, health, a happy marriage, etc. Well, my point in saying all of this is this: If we are sure of our salvation and we know where we're going to go when we die, it's only going to get better after we pass from this world. It's so simple, but yet I live like I cannot, or don't want to die until I achieve a certain happiness (fulfillment) down here. A happiness that doesn't even compare to that which we're going to experience in heaven. Does anyone follow me here? It just reminds me to take everyday as a gift from God. Anything extra that I get to experience, a marriage, family, fulfilling career, (you name it), is just that EXTRA!

    God Bless Everyone,