A Good Doctor in San Antonio, TX???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emah, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. emah

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    Hello Everyone,

    It's been awhile since being here but just completed 3 brain surgeries and gratefully I am doing ok in that dept.

    I just relocated to San Antonio, TX. Moving is not a good thing for FM....so much pain. Does anyone know of a good doctor in San Antonio. Any help will be much appreciated. Meds are running low.

    Hope everyone is doing okay.
  2. vivian53

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    Hi Emah and welcome San Antonio. I have two names for you. The first is Gerald Rosenberg. He is a Rhumey that treats Fibro, and one of the best doctors I have ever seen. His phone # is 210-477-2626. His office is in the northern part of town. Unfortunately I was "fired" as his patient when I was in a bad place several years ago and was a "no show" too many times. Too bad for me I wish I could see him again. He is very popular and so it might take a while to get in to see him. I noticed you were running out of meds so my next suggestion is a pain management doctor here that is a really nice guy also and fairly good at what he does. He does understand our DD and prescribes appropriate meds. His name is Maged Mina. He is located in the north of town also, in Stone Oak. His phone # is 210-402-6561. He might be more accessible in the short term. Good luck to you and if you would, please let me know how it goes.
  3. emah

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    Thank you so much. I am going to get on the phone tomorrow. Hopefully someone will see me. I am not permitted to drive so that will be a challenge but where there is a will there is a way. This move has taken all of my time and I've had to do things that typically I would not do and boy am I paying for it. Sleep is a distant memory but not the pain.

    And thanx for the phone #'s too. Don't have a phone book yet. I will definitely let you know how it goes.
  4. TxMissy

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    Hey there! Good to hear you are doing so good from your surgeries! My rheumy is John Huff. He is wonderful, caring, understanding...and takes the necessary time with his patients and does not rush you in and out of there!!! I have been with him for less than 2 yrs (Ithink) and do pretty good with his treatments. He has really had to work with me and never gets discouraging or anything (I have a # of things wrong besides the fibro and then I am allergic to many med groups or really sensitive to others). His # is 210-404-0020. He is north SA, 281 aka San Pedro, close to 1604.

    Here are some of my others that I think are good:
    Urologists: Luis Rivera 210-337-6228
    Allergy: Kristen Bussey Smith (sorry, don't have her # handy, but if you need it I can post it later)

    Hope you get situated soon so you can get the rest you need!

  5. emah

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    Thank you for all of the doctors. Man it is hard to find your message after you've logged in. I've been away too long. I am going to try and get an appt asap. Today I have zero energy, hate when that happens. It's like calling a doctor is just too much work. Sorry, needed to vent.

    But thank you again. I will keep you both posted on what happens.

    To having a pain free day...............................emah
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    Hi TxMissy and Emah. I have scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Huff. I responded to the post with my "fairly good" doctor so I'm more than willing to try someone better. Since I am new he is unable to see me for about 2 months, middle of April, but I can stick with the old one until then. I hope both of you are feeling good and thanks for the informative posts.

  7. TxMissy

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    I am glad to hear you got an appt with Dr. Huff! He is a wonderful dr!!! When I was in the switching process to get in with him, I kept calling the office every few days to see if an opening had come up! Soooo... BUG 'EM!!! After 1 1/2 weeks they put my name down for a call to me when there was a cancelation! But be sure to bug 'em nicely, tho!! (that helps) It would be worth a try, and I noticed that the one at the front desk is not the same girl that had been there, so not sure if it will work. Also, take something to read or do while you wait. Sometimes he gets behind (really it's a lot of the times) but he is worth it! His heart is in work and he really cares! I guess that is why he gets behind sometimes with the appts. I know sometimes I can be in and out of there in 20 minutes and others I have been in there an hour!

    One thing I do with all my appts is that I make a lists of things that I am having a problem with or new things I have came across on my research and/or all my questions I have. I show this to my dr when they come in and I make sure each one is addressed then and there!

    God Bless and hope everyone for a painfree day!!!