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    Hi Everyone:
    Thanks for all the support I got on my post about my most recent bad flare-up. It was horrible and lasted for about 3 weeks, BUT it has finally let up. I'm thankful to be back to my baseline of pain which I can llive with.
    I am trying something new: tai chai chi . It's really great with slow, deliberate movements that work all areas of the body. It is also spiritually helpful too, if you know what I mean. It calms the mind and body. I love it and also do yoga too. I did 3 hours of tai chai chi and didn't hurt worse, which is a miracle for me.
    It might be worth a try for some of you!
    Again, thanks for the great help and words of encouragement while I was feeling so rotten.
    This is a great site with lots of good people.
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    Hi, Sue, my name is Judi, I have a question what is tai chai chi? I do the light work out with Denise Austin,but this si something new.
    Thank you & God Bless You,

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    Good for you!!! This is good news. I know what you mean on the pain and flares. I often wondered about the tai chai chi. Is it expensive? Does it really help with pain or suppost to take it away? Just curious..Pammy
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    isn't new. It has been around for ages (centuries?)
    in China and other Far East countries.

    It is very gentle, not aerobic, and good for improving balance. If you have ever seen a documentary on China or on San Francisco, you may have seen a demonstration. It is popular among the older Chinese. They get together in a park early in the morning and do it together. They wear loose fitting clothes for ease in movement.

    In reality, anyone who can walk a few steps can do it.
    I took a class a few years ago in Chi Gong (very similar but geared to improve health). I would do one or two exercises then rest for one. I did not have the stamina to do the class without resting but that was fine.

    You can do it at anytime of day that suits you. Any loose fitting clothes will work. Sweatpants and loose T shirt is perfect.

  5. northwoodssue

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    Hi Everyone:
    A big thanks for responding to my post. The answer by Anne is right on for tai chi. It engages mind, body, and spirit. The movements are done slightly crouched and if you can step in one direction, you can do it. The spine is kept straight, so Sandy it should be okay for your back. Some of the students leaned into the poses and that can hurt your back. You should "lead" with your stomach area. You really need to get instruction from a class. It helps tremendously. The exercises flow into each other easily. You don't have to do all 20 poses to acheive benefit. Sometimes I onlyhave 5 minutes, and that is enough to give me energy and flexibility. I tried doing this to a tape, but got totally confused. If you can get to an instructor, that is the best. There is an excellent tape, but I need to check the name to get it correct for you. I'll post later when I am sureof the tape.
    I'm really enthusiastic about this. The Chinese really have the right idea doing this every day. I can't explain how you feel, you just feel great, good about yourself, etc. It is a physical workout too, cause you use all the muscles. But it doesn't feel like a physical exercise at all. I'd give it a try, but only with the class. Alot of the students didn't realize they were doing the wrong posture and could have hurt their spines.
    I guess you can say I love this tai chi.
    The bad news: My short=lived repreive is over. I now have another flare starting up. I only got 2 good days this time. What a bummer. But I am going to keep up the tai chi. Even a little bit of it is helpful.
    Love to all, and will post the exercise tape title as soon as I can.The cost was $8.00 for 2 hours and $8 for 3 hrs. so very inexpensive thru community ed.
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