a good nites sleep

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    Hi everbody,
    I just felt a need to pray for all of us that God well grant us a peaceful nights sleep .and that when we all lay our heads down we"ll feel his loving arms around us.
    When I was expected my last child I was very scared because of my age and the fact I had"t had a baby in 12 yrs.but after I talked to my old Fashion Dr, who had delivered all my others , I went home and felt every nite like there was arms holding me on both sides of my body.
    I finally realize what it was,It was God I have never forgotten that wonderful feeling.God is Love.
    Pleasant Dreams. Sixtyslady
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    I've been coming to this site for several years now (see my bio) and I just never came to this part of the site.

    I noticed in one of your posts that you mentioned KENNETH COPELAND! Kenneth and Glory Copeland have been THEE MOST INFLUENTIAL Bible teachers I have every listened to!! My growth in the Lord and His Word have been greatly impacted by the teaching ministry of Kenneth Copeland (and many of his associates)!

    I have been listening to them since the late 70's! I went to my first "Believers Conventions" in Anaheim California back in 1979....it absolutely changed my life! Since that time I've attended many K.Copeland meetings and conventions... what an amazing anointed man of God he is!

    I have heard many attacks on his ministry over the years... but never once have I heard any of those attacks to be scripturally correct... and the fruit of his ministry bares the truth that he is truely an anointed teacher and minister of the Gospel!

    Just thought I'd share that with you. Blessings to you Sixtyslady! Never Stop Praising Him!! CarolK

    PS... thanks for sharing your encounter with God and your nightly hugs from Him... He truely is present all the time!
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    hi. ijust checked the board .I agree I'd be lost without K.C.M. my husband and I watch them every morning before he leaves for work then we pray together.I need pray tonight I"m having this electrical schock in my head tonight and it really makes me anxious. its snowing here again in good old Il. I really need to be able to walk hoping the weather will get warm soon.I"m glad that someone else enjoys KCM we"ve been partners for awhile. I try to watch them on the web they have such good messages. Have a good nite. Sixtyslady
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    Hey Ladies... so glad to see some other Kenneth Copeland fans/supporters here!

    If you have not seen Joyce Meyer, check her out too. She is another "down to earth... tell it like it is" Bible teacher! You can check her out on the internet. She also has lots of books and tapes and is such a blessing!

    Don't forget, even if you cannot see K.Copeland on TV, you can watch him on the internet or just get his books and tapes...JUST THE MOST FANTASTIC TEACHER I'VE ENCOUNTERED IN MY 32 YEARS OF WALKING WITH THE LORD!

    Blessings to you both... CarolK
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    hi .
    just got through watching Glory copeland and billy brim on kcm this morning. Their talking about Azusa street. in 1906 what a wonderful subject. I also watch Joyce Meyers and have alot of her tapes and books. This is what keeps me going.I"m just struggle so much this week, I"ve been so weak and pain has really been bad .but I know God is with all of us and He"ll help us have victory over this sickness.HAPPY ST PATRICK,S DAY. SIXTYSLADY