A good way to figure out if your med is working

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisjhn, Feb 5, 2003.

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    I just saw a mental health counselor who has fibro and she gave me the best advice. After hearing of all the meds and supplements I had tried when she asked me to rattle them off, she advised me to start again and ask yourself, ok, I want to reduce the pain, I will try...(this particular med) and don't worry if it causes nausea or sleeplessness or whatever. Just ask yourself, did it help with my pain? Then go on to the next...I want to get rid of insomnia, I will try....., don't worry about other side effects just the insomnia, did it help me sleep? Then to the next symptom...I want to get rid of nausea, I will try....

    She made me aware that I forego things to easily because of different side effects a particular med had on me without realizing if it was actually doing what it was supposed to be doing. It's so true, I go from one med to the next, I get headaches from that one, but hey come to think of it, I did sleep well...etc.

    It was an eye opener for me anyway. If one med could help all of our symptoms it would be called...a CURE!

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    That's what she told me. One thing at a time. Whether it's a multivitamin, an herbal supplement, an OTC medication, or prescription medication...one thing at a time and after a few days or however long it's supposed to take for it to "work", then reevaluate it and ask yourself, did this help with my....don't worry about the other symptoms you have or side effects it may have given you, (unless obviously they were completely unbearable), then add the next thing and so on.

    I do have a habit of saying, oh but it constipates me, or I have daytime grogginess after taking this, or I can't sleep while taking this.

    I guess I've been looking for the cure-all and since there doesn't seem to be one, I think this is good advice.
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    I think we have to evaluate the risks versus the benefits. If the drug is providing the benefit, are we willing to put up with the risks/side effects? I have eliminated things which have helped with the symptom but have side effects I'm not willing to tolerate. I've found other things which work better.

    Love, Mikie
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    .... I think what she was mainly getting at is an easier way to find the right combination of meds for you. Sometimes you can't find a good med that has few unwanted side effects. So, you work with one symptom at a time. And when you finally go through all your symptoms, finding meds/supplements for each one that help, hopefully you'll be able to do more...AKA "quality of life".