A Great Big Thank You!!! Do you know about oxycontin?

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    I just want to thank Jeanna, Tracey, Wendy C and Shirl.....
    I was really having a pms/fm moment. I am so frustrated.

    I am currently reserching meds. I want to find something stronger to help with the pain...if there is anything. I've heard some about oxycontin. I can't figure out if it is stronger than what I am on now....15 mg of oramorph and the vicodins just aren't cutin' it for me. Maybe someone has a suggetion.

    Thanks again ..........
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    Hi Shelli

    Jeanna again lol. I just responed to your first post to on medications. Currently I am taking oxycontin and its been a God send for me. I am only taking 10mg twice a day and that is the lowest doseage you can take. It has given me some of my life back. I have been able to cook dinner for myself and do some light housework and yesterday I went to the Grocery store alone if you can believe that lol. If you get time read the message I left for you on your post called meds. I hope that you find the right combo for you and if you can find a doctor who will prescribe this medication for you and thinks that its would be in your best intrest to try it then I would say go for it. I had tried it all, Morphine, lortab, percocet, tylenol3, every musle relaxer there is and the list can go on forever. I have been taking oxycontin for a while now and I have not had to increase my dosage. There has been alot of bad things said about oxycontin and this medcaition has been abused and its a shame but for people like you and I who are in REAL pain its just one more thing to try and help us have as close to normal life as we can. I wish you all the best!!

    Gentle hugs,
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    Hi Shelli~~I have FM/CFS, advanced degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems, nerve damage, a cluster of pinched nerves in my neck/shoulder area, IBS, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, and severe asthma and allergies.

    I have taken oxycontin for 2 years, and it literally gave me my life back, enabled me to keep working part time, and have some quality of life.

    I take 20mgs oxy 3x's a day; 3 10mg percocet for breakthrough pain; soma 2-3 a day for muscle relaxer, 1mg klonopin at night for restless legs & sleep, and 20mgs bextra at night for an anti-inflammatory.

    I do not have health insurance so I have to pay for everything out of my pocket. The 90 pills a month of 20mg oxy costs $208. However, if you can get a physician to prescribe it for you, he will no doubt start you on the lowest dose (as did my physician) which is 10mgs 2x's a day. That would be 60 pills a month and would cost you less than $100 a month. For initially I took 10mgs 3x's a day, and those 90 pills a month cost me $126. Obviously, the higher dosage you go, the more expensive it is.

    So, for less than $100 a month you can get some serious pain relief....and it is worth every cent of it. Before the oxy--I was bedridden with my back problems. I was in so much pain I would pass out. The usual dose is only twice a day, but we moved mine to 3x's a day because of the extreme pain I was in due to how messed up my back was which was evidenced by my x-rays and MRI. We didn't increase the oxy to 20mgs till this past December because the degenerative disc disease was escalating, and I had developed nerve damage due to the disc disease.

    Oxy is considered one of the "cleanest" drugs you can take because it doesn't contain alot of chemicals that breakdown in the liver. It passes right on through. Oxycontin contains nothing but slow release oxycodone--no tylenol, no aspirin, no additives. It's pure. One tablet regardless of strength lasts from 8 to 12 hours. Therefore, you not constantly having to dose yourself every 4 hours with a complex medication (one that contains tylenol, aspirin, or other chemicals that the liver has to break down).

    The biggest problem is finding a physician that will prescribe it for you as the DEA appears to be keeping a close eye nowdays on docs prescribing heavy narcotics and oxy is one of them. They have to write the oxy script in triplicate, and this makes alot of physicians uneasy unless they have good medical evidence/backup that this type of medication is justified.

    My physician did not have a problem prescribing it for me because he had plenty of x-rays, MRI's, and orthopedic reports to show "evidence" how screwed up my back was and, therefore, the obvious kind of pain I was in. However, even with all that backup, he still refers me to a Pain Specialist once a year for a consultation just to get a backup report for my records. My physician is covering all the bases. Infact, it was the Pain Specialist that recommended we up the oxy from 10mgs to 20mgs after being on the 10mgs for almost 2 years.

    Infact, you might be better able to get it from a Pain Specialist than a physician unless you have good documentation or "evidence" that would cause such severe pain as to require oxycontin.

    However, there are people on this Board who have been able to get the oxy based solely on this invisible disease of FM. It just depends on the doctor.

    I would encourage you to go for it until you find a doctor of pain specialist that is willing to give it to you. It's an excellent, effective medication for pain, and you are not having to pop 7 or 8 pain pills a day that have tylenol, aspirin, or other compounds in them that are hard on the liver.

    I know how miserable it is to be in extreme pain every moment out of every day. I hope you get what you need and are feeling much better as soon as possible. Keep us posted on your progress. Blessings, Carol...
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    Hi Carol,

    Thanks again. You are a wealth of info!!! It's sooooooo nice to have other people to ask advice who know what you are talking about.

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