A great-grandma says "thanks'

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    You can not believe how much I appreciated your notes of "congrats" for my new great-granddaughter! It so warmed my heart to know that you cared enough to respond. That is more than I received from some of my "former' friends.

    Snowygirl, pam_d, shirl, jlh, mikie, tobyone,
    Denamay, bulzie41 and meekah. You are real dears!

    Some asked her name. I can't believe that I forgot to put that down. She is Arabella Hope. They plan to call her Belle but to me, she will always be Arabella

    i was so thrilled when they chose "Hope" for her middle name. It was my mother's middle name. I know that she is looking down with a smile on her face and loving little Arabella Hope.

    You are all dear friends. Thank you so very much.

    Love and Gentle Hugs
  2. Meekah

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    Awwww you're welcome, Sweetheart!!

    Thanks for telling us her name. What a BEAUTIFUL name.
    Babies are the BEST!!! Nothing compares. Thanks for sharing such wonderful news with us.

    We are all here for one another when we are going through hard times but we are also here to cheer each other on when things go good!

    Keep us posted on how she's doing.

    Hugs and Prayers