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    You are free
    You are free to follow the demands of your ego. You are also free to let go of those demands.
    You are free to imagine and impose all sorts of limitations upon your life, your actions and who you can be. You are also free to move beyond every one of those limitations.

    You are free to think positive, empowering thoughts even when faced with situations that could be considered hopeless. You are free to act in such a way that will bring value and meaning to your life and your world.

    You are free to take difficult problems and turn them into spectacular opportunities. You are free to take ordinary moments and turn them into special treasures.

    You are free to take whatever may come your way, and direct it toward positive purpose. You are free to fail a thousand times, and then to get back up and achieve stunning success.

    You are free to find the beauty and value in all that you experience. Remember always that you are free, to live, to love, and to bring the very best possibilities brilliantly to life.

    -- Ralph Marston

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    I printed this out so I can remind myself of this message.

    What a great way to start the New Year!

    Thanks for sharing this, Happycanuk.

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