A Great Victory in Portland (fluoride)

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    I have a long Fluoride thread somewhere here but will make this a new one...as Always, I have permission to post all fluoride info from the FAN group. My friend up there is so happy today, it's been a long hard battle and the PEOPLE were heard and won their battle....

    Subject: Portland Rejects 'Fluoride' 60% to 40%
    Portland rejects fluoride but both sides may meet again

    "We are grateful for the people of Portland that stood up and researched this issue," said Kim Kaminski with the campaign. "They don't want fluoride. We don't want more chemicals; our kids don't need more chemicals."

    While she stopped short of declaring complete victory Tuesday night, she said she's been contacted by people from nearby communities that have fluoride in the water and want to become fluoride free. And she suggested her group’s victory will spread beyond the Rose City.

    "This is not just Portland. This is nationwide. We really want to acknowledge that what happened in Portland, what is happening here and now, is going to have nationwide and worldwide ramifications," she said.

    The campaign said it'll set its sights on the Tualatin Valley Water District in Washington County, which does add fluoride to its water.