A Guide for "Building " Prayers of Thanksgiving

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    According to C. Weldon Gaddy, author of "A Love Affair With God: Finding Freedom and Intimacy in Prayer," you can come up with meaningful prayers of thanksgiving when you focus on the people whom God has introduced into your life.
    Begin listing your, specific blessings-and before you know it, you will be engaged in giving thanks to God. Use the following as a guide to come up with your own prayer of thanks.

    God, I am thankful for the people to whom I can relate in all situations.
    I am grateful for all of them-
    for those called "family" who provide community,
    for those called "leaders" who give guidance,
    for those called "enemies" who help me see my faults,
    for those called "colleagues" who share responsibilities,
    for those called "scholars" who teach important lessons,
    for those called "helpers" who enable us to be of help,
    for those called "comforters" who dry my tears, unafraid of my weeping.