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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by valry, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. valry

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    I want to thank every one for the wonderful welcome to the board. I don't get on very much so it will take me awhile to respond to messages. I have been feeling pretty good lately, fibro wise, trying new meds for the depression. I am feel a little weird from them.One of the really nasty things about fibro is you don't look sick. People think it's all in your head. That tends to tick me off. Val
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    glad you found us. what kind of deprssion meds are you on? yes people tick me off big time, well you look o.k. yea jump in this body sucker. when i feel up to it to put on a little make-up everyone thinks o she is getting better!!!!
    no its just that ,,,, that day my hands are not shaking, and my eyes can focus. i give em 5 mins. in anyone of opur bodys, they could not takke it. i understand hugs kim
  3. valry

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    Kim, I was on paxil for years and then it just seemed to stop working for me. Panic attacks and crying jags. I now go to a shrink, he has me trying effexor and wellbutrin. I have my doubts about them. Mood wise I'm ok, but nothing has happened lately to set me off. It's a long story, I quit my job, found another one. Well that one didn't work out, tried to get my job back, Nope. Out too much. DUH, fibro and depression will do that to a person. Found another one, no, panic attack on the way there. So, I am currently unemployed and unemployment has denied me benefits. But I feel shaky and dizzy. Don't know which med it is. Also he put me on provigil. It's really for narcolepsy but they find it works some for depression too due to the cronic daytime sleepiness. I am doing better with that, since I don't HAVE to take daytime naps I am sleeping a little better at night. I have terrible hot flashes and sweats form due memopause. Because of the breast cancer I cannot take estrogen. Well that's enough complaining. Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't. Val
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    You won't have to worry about any body here telling you it's in your head. At least if it is, we are having the same delusions. Ha Ha. I wonder sometimes if they rounded up all the people in the world that they think are hypocondriacts and put them all in the same place at the same time, how much area of the world we would cover. Interesting huh? Have a great day.
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    Ain't that the truth! My sister was having really bad abdominal pain, everyone said 'it's all in her head' even doctors. Colon cancer. Pretty far from the head.Just because she was in her 30's at the time. Thank God she persisted. Val