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    I started the morning to a veggie/bannane drink. I am writing this recipe for me to remember and if any one is brave enough to try it out...
    1beet peeled and washed
    4 bunches of spinach
    8 carrots peeled and washed
    in the juicer. Then blend the juice with a
    2 cups Nuvim milk orange flavor
    1 scoop of egg protien powder
    5 ice cubes

    During the weekend I shop at an organic market . I come home and clean the vegetables/ fruit. I slice them and bag them for the whole weeks worth. This is a lot easier because cleaning the juicer and blender is so annoying.
  2. victoria

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    I'm not familiar with 'Nuvim milk orange flavor', what is that? I see you're in Florida, lol, I was about to ask if you were in the UK or elsewhere. I've never heard of that...

    Seems like the banana would definitely take any bitterness away from the spinach?!

    Well, I wimped out and bought some veggie juices (freshly juiced tho) at my HF store to drink over the next couple of days! I just don't have the energy to deal with the veggies up close and personal, hehe!

    all the best, plus some zest!

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  3. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    I too would love to juice but don't find the energy. Who makes the veggie drinks you bought already made? Are they bottled or from your health food store or V8?

    I went to school in Athens and love it there. It is so beautiful this time of year. Go Dawgs!!

    I also wondered what the Nuvim was and where to find it. Good for you for juicing and prepping ahead of time. I wish I could find an easy juicer. Do you think a blender would work to make a veggie drink in?

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    The really good health food store here, EarthFare, juices whatever you want with organic veggies... :)

    Did you know that Athens is now rated the #1 retiree College Town? This place is going to be growing...! Kinda sorry to see it happen really, one reason we moved here was BECAUSE it had a small town feel without being too small.

    all the best,

  5. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Thanks. That is a good idea...we have a Whole Foods close by. So you just get a juice from the health food store that you can drink right there. Do you go everyday? Or can they make up a big batch to last several days?

    Yes, we traveled back to Athens 2 years ago. I still love it there but can't believe the change. It would be ashame to lose the quaintness of the town.

    Thanks for your help.
  6. pattieland

    pattieland New Member

    I too wondered what Nuvim milk orange flavor is and where does one get it? I never did see an answer, however, I will try it if you can ans. ? re the Nuvim milk. Thanks,pattieland
  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    here are some Q&A from their website, sounds interesting, sort of like it has transfer factors in it? - but I've never seen it here, altho maybe it is in Atlanta area:

    NuVim® contains proprietary micronutrients isolated from SMBI** milk. The micronutrients work in concert with the body’s own immune system, muscles and joints to promote good health.

    **How is SMBI milk produced?

    Using a proprietary dairy management process licensed to the New Zealand Dairy Board, an immune stimulant is administered to carefully selected herds of prime dairy cows to enhance the production of Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™. Milk from these cows is segregated from all other milk and processed under carefully controlled conditions to preserve the micronutrients. The dairy farms that produce SMBI milk are inspected and graded according to strict sanitation and animal health standards, and safety of the immune stimulant has been reviewed and approved by the New Zealand Animal Health Regulatory Authorities.
    (Back To Top)

    Is the immune stimulant dangerous?

    No. The New Zealand government has approved the SMBI immune stimulant based on its safety record for over ten years in carefully controlled studies with twin herds in New Zealand. Over a million doses of SMBI immune stimulant have been administered to New Zealand cows over ten years with virtually no side effects. In fact, dairy cows on the SMBI program are healthier than other cows.

    What else is different about SMBI milk?

    Other than the increase in beneficial micronutrients, SMBI milk is identical to regular milk.

    Why is the milk produced in New Zealand?

    New Zealand milk is produced under some of the most rigorous quality control requirements. The use of hormones to increase milk production has been outlawed and cows are kept mainly in pastures, which are cleaner than feed lots. Large herd sizes make the production of SMBI milk more efficient. New Zealand also administers its dairy production in a manner that suits our needs. New Zealand has a "green" image and produces the highest quality dairy products at very competitive prices.

    How were Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™ tested?

    They’ve been tested over many years in labs, animal feeding experiments, and human clinical trials both in-house and by independent laboratories. For quality control purposes, micronutrients are now routinely tested in a battery of laboratory analyses with confirmation in animal feeding studies.

    What benefits were observed?

    The benefits observed and confirmed in scientific studies include maintenance of healthy immune function and healthy muscles and joints.

    What are the micronutrients in NuVim®?

    The proprietary micronutrients in NuVim® are Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™.

    What is Accuflex™?
    Accuflex™ consists of large molecules in SMBI milk that help to enhance immune function.

    What is Mune Pro™?
    Mune Pro™ consists of small molecules in SMBI milk that help to maintain healthy joints and muscles.

    Are Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™ normally found in milk?

    Yes, but in small quantities. SMBI has developed the technology for increasing the concentrations of both Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™, and preventing their destruction as the milk is pasteurized and processed.

    Why are Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™ more abundant in NuVim®?

    NuVim® contains a concentrated ingredient of Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™ that is isolated from SMBI milk. SMBI milk comes from cows in specially qualified farms in New Zealand. These cows are managed under a proprietary (patented) program that includes feeding and husbandry techniques that stimulate the immune system and the expression of Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™. SMBI milk is strictly segregated and processed separately from ordinary milk. Plus, SMBI milk is processed by proprietary methods that do not destroy the micronutrients, Accuflex™ and Mune Pro™.


    I just saw a study, recently released, that said 'most' vegetables and fruits don't lose much nutrients being in the refrig. over 2-3 days...

    raw foodists generally say it degrades a bit every hour/day, I think they say 2 days max as a rule (at least what I've read)... so not too bad to get a quart or more, depending on how much you want.

    (I hope they don't lose the flavor of Athens either... I do believe Athens has some rather dense city council members truly; And/but Atlanta is slowly creeping this way!)


  8. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Thanks for the answer. I will check out the cost of getting some juice from my health food store. I never seem to have the energy to do it myself, yet I know it would help make my body more alkaline. I can't drink V8 due to my IC(bladder inflammation) but know that is healthy as well.

  9. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    Hi folks

    I started juicing a few months ago and am also loving it. I thought I would mention to you that you are supposed to consume your fresh juice within 20 minutes before it oxidises to get the most benefit.

    Take care

    FOYBOYFOY New Member

  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    but have heard conflicting evidence... so not sure what the 'truth' is, and it may depend exactly on what is being juiced.

    I feel strongly still that even if there is some degradation, it is still better than not drinking it at all ... and I for one really don't have the energy/will/time to juice myself right now. Thus I still vote for the HF store if one cannot manage to do it themselves.

    Better'n nuthing?!

    all the best,

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