A Lamb Without Blemish

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    A Lamb Without Blemish

    There was born into this world, one sweet day,
    A Lamb without blemish, in a manger, on a bed of hay.
    The wise men saw the star in the east and had to go see,
    Wondering, "Was this the Son of God? It had to be."

    They saw the star shining brightly o'er the stall,
    Knowing, on this babe of sovereignty, they'd come to call.
    This sage and innocent Lamb changed the world, that day.
    For Him was the scepter chosen, from old Satan to take the keys away.

    He grew up in obedience to His parents and His Father.
    Never sinned, with worldly things He didn't bother.
    This Lamb was of God. He taught others how to be.
    He showed them faith by walking on the water, out in the sea.

    Old Satan tempted Him. But, He couldn't be bought.
    He resisted every temptation, brought old Satan to naught.
    Shunned by His Countrymen, paid in suffering, but not in vain;
    Not He, but by ones who will one day kneel at the mention of His name.

    I want to be there when this life is o'er, to kneel at His feet
    And worship in prayer and song to this Lamb I'll meet,
    See the streets of gold and maybe the tree of life (when this life is finished),
    And be with our Savior; who is the Lamb unblemished.

    © 2001-2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker