A Lesson Learned This Week

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jaltair, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. jaltair

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    I thought I’d share with you what this grandma learned this week from an ever increasingly tabloid CNN!

    1. There is a radio host named "Imus", not to be confused with an Emu;

    2. That hoe is a thing you use in the back yard and “ho” is a shortened form of the word "whore";

    3. That most TV stations evidently can’t spell the shortened form of "whore" right;

    4. That the word "whore" would probably be less insulting than it’s shortened form; and

    5. That Imus is going to say it all over again on a station in Riverside, CA so listeners can here what they may have missed.

    Oh, I’ve also learned that I can push the button and turn the darn thing off when I want to! That's the best lesson yet ...
  2. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    Is Imus going to go to work out there? I don't understand the publicity that has been generated over this. I think he should have been fired day 1 and had it over with.

  3. Engel

    Engel New Member

    Can you believe that the GOVERNOR of New Jersey was riding with a police/law officer (or deputy or something like that) and he was NOT wearing his seat belt and the law officer did not make him buckle up ... per the law?????????? Regular people get TICKETS for this. I am sorry the guy is in bad shape but will he get a ticket for not wearing his seat belt? Will the law officer get in trouble for not "enforcing" the law?

    I mention this since he was on his way to the IMUS/Rutgers meeting.
  4. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    budmickl - Imus' original program that brought all this to light is going to play on a local radio show in the area. I guess it's up to the producers/owners of stations that are local what they will play, and that's what they are choosing to do.

    Hi Engel - Don't know if he'll get a ticket; just imagine the bar in the limo was too far to reach with a seatbelt - he probably was trying to get "courage" for the event...