A Letter to Jesus

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    A Letter to Jesus

    Dear Jesus, I went down to the Altar today,
    Knowing, in my heart, you’d washed my sins away.
    It filled my heart with wonder, as I confessed I believe,
    And, into Thy Glorious Kingdom, my soul thou did receive.

    Please help me walk the path You set before me
    And the lightness of Thy Kingdom let my heart see,
    So I might go and tell the others what befell me that day,
    As I received thee into my heart, these words’ I had to say.

    Help me, dear Lord, to count my blessings, each and every day.
    Thank Thee for the many wonders, in Thy word, You have to say
    About the road to salvation; how there’s no other way
    Except through the name of Jesus, when we accept and pray.

    Help me to tell the others of Thy meekness and truly share
    All the goodness of Thy Spirit, as we kneel down in prayer.
    Help me, my lantern to keep lit each and every day;
    Which unto others might surely light the way.

    Keep my candle glowing, so the darkness can’t be near;
    All brightness for my brethren, Thy sweet words to hear.
    From now on ’til forever, on Thy bosom let me rest with zeal,
    As I knew when I claimed Jesus as Lord. My soul Thou did seal.

    © by Pearlie Duncan Walker