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    Will you take me back, dear Lord,
    I've been gone from You so long;
    I have lost track of all my sins,
    And I've spent years in doing wrong.

    I did so many prideful things,
    And shamelessly did boast;
    I broke so many loving hearts
    And hurt the people I loved most.

    I've heard about atonement,
    I've been warned of Judgment Day;
    And even though I listened,
    I still strayed far away.

    Will you welcome me again, dear Lord,
    And forgive me one more time?
    Will You share Your Father's love with me,
    If I truly give You mine?

    I'm so sorry that I left You, God,
    I'm saddened now ... and low;
    God smiled, "You didn't leave me, child,
    I never let you go!"

    "I promised you Salvation,
    My Word cannot be undone;
    You got a Lifetime Guarantee,
    When I gave up my Precious Son."

    Copyright© 1999 Virginia Ellis
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    The poem above so aptly describes myself and I'm sure so many others. I pray that God will draw by His Spirit those who have strayed. Each and every lamb is precious in His sight. Lord, please send repentance, restoration, and healing into every child of yours heart. May we have fellowship with our Saviour Jesus, may we know You, love you and obey You. Help us Lord , in our weaknesess, guide us with thine eye. Be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path,because without You Lord, we are truly undone. We need You in everything, even in obeying you, without You, we can do nothing. Your Word says this and You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. I praise You Lord Jesus, I thank You Dear God for loving us so much that you gave your only Son.Hallelulia to the Lamb, in Jesus name, Amen