a list of symtoms ,in last few mos. help

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sixtyslady, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    I want to list my symtoms of the last few mos, and see if anyone else has these.
    of balance
    ringing in the ears
    extreme pain in ribs
    burning eyes
    itchy skin
    burning toes
    gas in throat,so bad its hard to swallow
    navel bleeding
    pain between shoulder blades,runs down my arms, into my hands.
    panic& depression
    I just don"t know what to do anymore.
    forgot stomach cramps.
    earlobes going numb.
  2. sixtyslady

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  3. SherylD

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    So sorry you are having these problems! I think you should put this on the other board..you might get more answers..

    Could it be any meds. you are taking???

    If not..I would say sulfites. I am very senstitve to sulfites..

    Go on a site called msgmyth dot com...This one talks alot about MSG...But I think it does talk about sultites..I have a book from this site. In the book there is a section on sulfites and your list fits it pretty good..almost exactly.

    Or do a search on sulfite sensitivity...

    Sulfites are in ALOT!

    Good luck to you...I hope you feel better!

  4. mellaart1011

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    when I"m not doing well, I have to really look after myself and nothing else, or my symptoms become more and worse
    concentrate on very simple things, slow donw, breath, eat well, rest lots, hot baths, only focus on positive things, read, watch movies, if I take really good care of myself for a few days, then I can get on with the rest of my life alot easier, don't run yourself into the ground, then it's harder to get back up again

    take in alot of vitamis and minerals, if you learn to breath really well, it will get rid of alot of your symptoms, it's amazing what oxygen can do, try some wheat grass, it really nourishes your body and also puts more oxygen into your body

    hope this helps

  5. sixtyslady

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    just could"t sleep last nite so I finally just got up.

    I guess maybe because there,s a storm front comming in.
    thanks for your replys, I should have put it on the other board,I fogot which board I was on.
    I"m going to look up this sulfite thing and see what I can learn thanks again .
    hope all are feeling better, sixtyslady
  6. Cromwell

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    My reaqlly nice doctor yesterday told me, "Take the amtryptilline it always helped you and stop being scared to take it and also take Tylenol up to 8 a day if needed."

    So yesterday I said, "Hey, why not? This is driving me mad, plus the hand pain and the left leg pain that brought me here last November when I found the board. I clearly get flares every winter that make everything worse."

    Last evening I took the amtryptillene and slept well for the first time in a few weeks-I slept 9 hours!!! I also took two lots of Tylenol last night (it is the only pain killer that does not make me feel ill). Plus my stomach has been helped a lot by trigger release massage on the soaz muscles. I bought Activon yesterday which does seem to help the hand pain, though not so much the big muscles.

    I have an umbilical hernia which it sounds as if you have also. Do you also gret night sweats? I have been having my head get wet with sweat recently yet normally I hardly sweat at all.

    Sorry you feel this way. Love to you,

    Annie C

  7. sixtyslady

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    yes I get so hot at night thats what wakes me and of course the pain.
    I can only sleep so long in 1 position,maybe 2hrs if I"m lucky,and then the pain wakes me.
    my navel has finally cleared up after mos of bleeding went to the Dr she gave me some antibiotic cream it didn"t help.
    so I started using my silver water that I make and it cleared it up.
    I guess I"m just so tried of fighting this everyday,if I could just have a break once in awhile it would be easier to handle.
    and the weather is getting to me I just have to try positive thinking about winter,sometimes I love winter ,but this year its just bothering me maybe because I was sick all summer and it just turned winter to fast for me. well anyhow thanks for letting me vent. it helps because my family sure could care less. hugs sixtyslady
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    Sorry, I don't have any answers for you. However, I clicked on your profile and was thrilled to see the picture of your little one. It looks like a Yorky pup, we have one too.

    My best to you!
  9. sarajoy

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    I don't know much but maybe you should get your heart checked out. I read an magazine article about heart disease in women... it is the no.1 killer of us, partly because the symptoms can be so much different from men... the pain in the shoulder blades, off balance, and dizziness were some that were listed... just a thought that maybe you could get checked out.