A Little Glimpse Of God's Plan

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Mikie, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Mikie

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    I have always believed that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason according to God's perfect plan. We seldom have an opportunity to see events come full circle to understand how seemingly insignificant events work together for our benefit.

    A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new mattress and was told that if I were to have my doc fax them that I had FMS, they would not have to charge me sales tax. Naturally, I called my PCP's office and was told that they couldn't do that because I hadn't been in since June. Well, I was more than miffed and offended at this and planned to tell my doc when I saw him. For crying out loud, FMS doesn't go away!

    I phoned my specialist, whom I also hadn't seen since June, and his nurse was more than happy to do it for me. It save me about $90. I stopped in with a little bouquet of flowers for her, but I digress.

    I called my PCP and made an appt. for yesterday, Fri., because I was afraid he wouldn't renew my prescriptions if I didn't. My anger was not so great now that the specialist took care of it for me, but I was still angry with my doc.

    Wed., I awoke with what I thought was just a little virus. I stayed home, slept, and used my zapper. By Thur., the fever was gone and I felt well, just a little tired. Yesterday, I still felt well. I mentioned the virus to my doc and he listened to my lungs. Seems the virus was gone but I was on the verge of pneumonia or bronchitis. He immediately put me on an uptake machine to clear my lungs, gave me an inhaler, and prescribed Biaxin. I had no idea I was so sick. I didn't even feel or hear the wheezing.

    Now, back to my main point (y'all thought I didn't have one, didn't you?). I was so blinded by being judgemental, offended, and angry that I didn't see that this all worked out for the best, a blessing in disguise. There was a reason my doc wouldn't fax the store. It was God's way of looking out for me so that I would "coincidentally" have an appointment at just the right time for me to dodge the pneumonia/bronchitis bullet.

    He knows I'm working and struggling with returning to work and don't need to get seriously ill. In a week, I'll be driving up to Clearwater (a three-hour drive) for corporate training and again the next week.

    Also, this was a lesson for me to stop being so judgemental, offended, and angry. Everything happens for a reason, even more serious things than this; we are usually just so busy making plans, reacting and being judgemental, that we fail to see God's plan for us. One of Deepok Chopra's spiritual mantras is, "Today I will judge nothing which occurs." I try to live by that advice, but it isn't always easy. It wasn't easy the day I was in the mattress store being inconvenienced by my doc. I am lucky God allowed me to be reminded that He is in charge and I need do nothing more than my best to live up to His promises. No matter how dire our circumstances, we just need to let God do His thing and we can stop worrying. We just aren't privvy to everything at the time.

    Joyce Meyers says, "Why don't we pretend that God knows what He is doing?" I love that.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Sunshyne1027

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    Its kinda like a codependency motto of mine. Let life happen, stop trying to push, force, or smother life.

    I too can be judgemental, angry. When it fades, I see how God worked whatever was the issue into my life for a reason.

    I am glad you shared this with us. It helped tremendously.

    By the way, the Biaxin is what usually works the best for me. I havn't had a case of bronchitis or pneumonia for over a year now. I take singulair daily.

    I hope your new job did not suffer with missing work?

    I was hard on myself when I lost the last job I had, when the kidney infection set in. I learned from it though, and going into the next job with a little more wisdom.

  3. Mikie

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    Thanks for your kindness and wisdom.

    I am an independent contracted agent, no benes :( , so it didn't really affect me to lose a day. Actually, I messed two because I had the doc appt. on Fri. in the morning. If you miss the 9:00 a.m. meeting, you get no leads and since I'm new, I don't have much in the way of leads yet.

    I did go get my pic taken by a professional photographer for my business cards. This place has the nicest cards I have ever seen. So, Fri. wasn't wasted by any means. It takes a while in this business to build up an income.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Takesha

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    This was wonderful and so true. I have notice that since I began my journey with FMS I have become more judgemental than I used to be. I think it is because I have run into so many brick walls, and am being judged by so many others myself ( SSI,friends etc.)

    I do agree with you that things don't happen by "happenstance," the Father knows every hair on our heads and knows all the reasons for everything.
    I am glad you were able to catch the bug before it caught you.
    Your anger with the doctor, reminded me of something that happened not long ago.

    My doctor had written an excuse for me and it stated that I was 48 years old ...

    I had convinced myself that I was 49 and didn't bother to figure out the dates, so I was a little miffed that he couldn't even get my age right, but I said nothing.

    My birthday was in September and my honey was teasing me about turning 50. On the morning of my "50th" birthday we were setting and drinking our coffee. He looked up at me with a most serious countenance and said " Hon, your not 50 today," I thought it was another joke about to be delivered but he said " You were born in 1954, which means your 49 today.!" I immediately thought about the letter my doctor wrote, and how I'd got so miffed for nothing.

    I was so glad that I hadn't opened my mouth and stuck my foot in it!

    I find that I can quote the scripture that says "God works ALL things to the good for those who love Him" but I have a long way to go before the reality of those words makes their way from my head to my heart!

    Have a safe trip to your corporate training meetings, and enjoy your new mattress.

  5. FibroJudy36

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    Thank You so much for sharing this post with us, I am so bad at times on jumping the gun and be judgemental and angry over something that happens.
    This post was truly a blessing to me...........Blessings to you, Judy
  6. danny3861

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    I need this post todat. It helps me be stronger. I'm a little down today and it helps.
    God bless you.

  7. Sunshyne1027

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    I was upset and angry, stomping around throwing a tantrum when I had to make another appointment to see my regular doctor to refill pain meds. At the time I said too, why? I was in the middle of the kidney infection, and he said if I had insurance, he would order a ultrasound, CT and CAT scan on me. Do more bloodwork too. He is the one that mentioned to find a lower cost doctor in order to get this testing done. If I hadn't of gone to him, I wouldn't have searched and then found this doctor I have now. He also just had his first child. The baby was premature, and then thinking back when I had my first child, it brought back the memory that at the time I was pregnant with my first, I was hospitalized for a kidney infection, that caused me to go into premature labor. So yeah there is a reason for everything. Kidney and bladder problems have been going on for quite awhile with me. Even before the diagnosis of FM. I wouldn't have thought about that if it weren't for that appointment.

    Hope you are starting to feel a little better Mikie. Will pray your job works out you get new clients.


  8. Mikie

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    It is amazing if we think back before our diagnoses how we can see symptoms of these illnesses. Heck I can trace symptoms back to infancy if what my family tells me is true. I see pictures of myself at a very young age and in many of them I look to be in pain or upset. I was an angry fussy baby and I can remember lots of flu infections as a child and lots of growing pains.

    I first had hypothyroid at 14 and took the hormone until I was in my 20's. A doc took me off it and tested me and I tested normal, so I just never took it again until now.

    I think most of us were born with this stuff and something came along and triggered it big time. Just my humble and uneducated guess.

    Again, thanks for the prayers. From you lips to God's ear :)

    Love, Mikie