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  1. leannebug

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    To Chris for taking care of my broken water main this week.. a total stranger!

    To Cathy for thinking of me today and leaving me treats on my doorstep when she is struggling to make ends meet.

    To Harry, my dad, for also leaving me treats and taking care of my tree just because he loves me.

    Please say prayers that all these people find peace, love, or whatever else they may need most in their lives right now.

    I am blessed to know them!
  2. monkeykat

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    to Chris, my husband, for taking care of me after surgery this week and treating me tenderly.

    to Chris' co-worker, Ainslie, who sent me a gold/silver angel to place on my car visor so I remember that God's angels are watching over me.

    to my Dad & MIL who kept my husband company during surgery so the time passed quickly.

    to my sisters, brothers and friends who called to see how I was doing.

    to God for giving me peace in the midst of difficulty.

    to all of you for your prayers:)
    Love, Monkeykat - Kathy
  3. leannebug

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    My parents finally sold their house, so they got what they wanted most! I hope the others do as well :)

    and now addtional prayers and thanks to the following people in my life:

    Many thanks of prayers to Chip, Chas, Matt, Tanner, Pat, Stu, Alan, Becky, Cindy, Buz, and Jamie for opening their hearts and homes to me unconditionally. May they find additional peace and harmony for any they may lack in their individual lives, for they have given me an abundance of love.

    Many thanks to Sydney and Harrison, Judi and Harry, Bea and Ken for doing the same in return. May they have multiplicity of love and acceptance showered upon them for opeing their hearts and giving all in my name.

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