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    Hi everyone, maybe someone can help me. I am scheduled for an endoscopy at the end of this week. My concern is that my heart rate is kind of low this week. It's 48-52. I always have anesthesia for this procedure. I am kind of scared that my heart rate will go even lower during this. I will be monitored but I've had over 14 endoscopies and once I wasn't asleep so I started gagging and choking. I hope they will monitor my heart levels. I do want to get up after this procedure. My cardiologist said I should leave it to the anesthesiologist. I really need this test as I have been having gastro problems lately. If anyone knows about anesthesia with a low heart rate the info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jess
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    Before your procedure talk to the anesthesiologist about your concerns. Believe me he will monitor it closely. The last thing he wants is any complications, and it is his job to watch for them. That is his main job while the pt is under anesthesia. He will also be there after the procedure to make sure you are able to wake up and function. I hope this helps!
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    I have had it done a number of times also. Just report to the anesthesiolgist all meds you are on, your heart rate and your concerns in general. The rest if their job. I have gotten 'knocked out' for the procedure and can not imagine doing it awake.

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    Hope everything goes OK.Prayers are with you.

    Take Care