A little scary right now

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    Having trouble dealing with things at the moment. It has been 10 months since I had my major flare and it hasnt gotten much better. Mind you it doesnt seem to have changed much either. I have all the typical signs of FM & CFS. My doctor said I had FM some 5 years ago due to unexplained pains, IBS, poor sleep patterns etc. Last summer I had a major panic attack that came along at the same time I came down with Mono. I have had alot of blood work done, nerve conduction and EMG on one of my arms all have come back normal. Since nothing is getting better I decided to go to a Neurologist that I found listed on Devin Starlanyl's web site. My first appointment with him is this coming Thursday. I guess i'm just feeling the same way I did when this all happened last summer. Frightened over the unknown. "What if there is something more serious" i'm sure you have all gone through it. Well just needed to wright this to get things off my chest.
    Wish me luck Thursday and for those of you who belive in prayer please add me to your prayer list at least for thursday.

    My prayers are with you all
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    I'll add you to my prayers.Let us know how things turn out.
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    I think all of us tend to get scared of the unknown sometimes, especially when most of us never expected to get these illnesses. I really never gave any consideration at all to having a disease that some don't even believe exists,and because of the prior- end up being a pioneer discovering a new world altogether. I also think that as we go forward we are learning more all the time and becoming more aware of self and our needs. I not only believe in prayer, I believe in healing and the ansers to ptayer and I surely will keep you in prayer for Thursday's appointment, try to be as positive as you can,seek the most beneficial visit you have ever had...I will believe with you for it. Deal?! Let us know how it goes, ok?
    love, Rebel
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    You are not alone in your fear. I was in denial for ??? I'm
    not sure I even really know how long. Well, when I did a sleep pattern (where every time I woke up I wrote down what time it was)test, I realized I needed help. I had 5 hours before time to get up and go to work. In that 5 hours I woke up 15 times. I knew I had to get help. I called a
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    Sorry I hit the wrong key.

    When I arrived the Dr ask a lot of questions. But when he ask me when was the last day I didn't have any pain, I began to cry. Then he ask me ok well when was the last time you slept all night. I really started crying. I really had tried to make myself believe that I didn't have FMS. I really deep down inside knew it. It was eaiser to lay blame on other things causing all this pain.I think I cried because I had never let myself thinks of either and when I was forced to, then I had to accept it was real. I left his office hoping the combination of drugs would help. He ask me what did I think would help reduce the pain. I told him that I felt like if my muscles could relax I would feel better and be able to sleep. He gave me flexaril and zoloft. He said I was depressed. I wanted to think I wasn't. I really knew I was. I have been on this for 4 Months now. I am able to Sleep much better now but, you need to know that you will probably have pain everyday and accept that and be glad the pain is not any greater than it is. I still have flare ups they seem to happen when I am overwork or over stressed. I try not to get too tired or upset, but life is not always smooth. Good Luck to you.
    Thanks for listening
    Ann [This Message was Edited on 05/13/2003]
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    Get ready for all of the tests...I had them all..was diagnosed with all sorts of nasty neurological problems until I went to a first class center at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. I had been told that I had peripheral neuropathy, severe nerve damage, and would have to just accept that my peripheral nervous system was giving out on me.

    When I went to the Mayo Clinic I was told that I should be checked for pernicious anemia (check) and found that after two months of the necessary B injections there was NO MORE peripheral neuropathy...this means shaking in the legs, stumbling and blaming it on your shoes, etc.

    See a good doc! Go to a reputable national clinic near you and stop worrying about the little doc's b.s.