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    You know - if you're spiritual - you can consider each new challenge as a sign that you've graduated form the previous goals that God has given you to do. To be given something difficult to get through means you have accomplished enough that the only way you can advance further is to be given a difficult challenge. When you finish your goals in this life- then you get your "wings" and it's time to fly to heaven.

    I had thought of this, before I was really sick myself, to comfort a man who was a friend of mine and a Buddhist priest. Actually, it was to comfort his friends more. I knew this man could not have been doing anything wrong - why would such a man be given such a task - it had to be for a better reason. Maybe it was to learn something to share with others in his worldly influences, or maybe he had become so good at what he was doing , it was time to step it up.

    I've found that the words I've put together for others can mean solace for me later, as I would never consider this for myself. I hope this finds some inspiration for someone.

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    Strengh, spiritual strength, comes all ways and we are told each are to have a personal relationship with God. I expand that to include all who look to a higher power, a power higher than their own. I personally study the teachings of Jesus but I read other's works also.

    Love. CactusLil'
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    I like to read about different religions and cmopare their likenesses and differences. Sometimes I'm surprised by all the likenesses.

    I do agree though, I think we all need our own relationship with God and I think many develop their own unique ways of communication.

    Yay - somebody read my post!

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