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  1. gapsych

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    If you have an autoimmune disease, what tests/are there tests that show this? I am talking about the medical tests physicians order. No alternative or "iffy" tests.

    I know my rheumatologist did several tests ANA, RF are the only ones I can remember. I do know I tested negative.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Pippi1313

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    It depends on your symptoms. Different autoimmune disorders fall under different medical specialties. A neurologist made a definite dx of mine.
  3. nink

    nink New Member

    I found some interesting info on labtestsonline.org

    The article talked about initial results, false positives, follow-up testing to confirm diagnosis, and how, since often symptons come and go, it can take a long time (years) to get a confirmatory lab result. Basically, docs are not to rely on lab tests alone, but also clinical sxs and exams, and other factors.

    I'm sure there are also other websites that talk about testing for autoimmune disorders. Like Pippi said, a lot of diseases fall under that heading. I hope you cget the info you need and want.
  4. cynicaldog

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    A couple of other tests which come to mind are a sed rate (to test for rheumatoid arthritis), and a thyroid antibody test to test for Hashimoto's. I think the latter test is hugely important, yet ignored by many doctors (except perhaps an endocrinologist). My diagnosis of Hashimoto's was a fluke, and came as part of a test done when I tried to enroll in a clinical trial for fibrocystic breast disease. The study doctor said the positive result meant nothing at all, that it was unimportant, and that I should ignore it. He said my TSH of 3.75 meant my thyroid worked fine. About ten years later, my TSH was 77... Hashimoto's can be one of the first signs that your immune system is about to go awry.

    On a related note (a a bit of a positive one), I recently read the book "Autoimmune Epidemic" by Donna Jackson Nakazawa and Dr. Douglas Kerr, and they wrote about how the military started to take and preserve blood samples from military personnel to look for hints of future illness. As it relates to lupus, they discovered that many people showed positive ANA tests as many as 10 years before they developed lupus. I've read online that a positive ANA test may mean nothing in the absence other other symptoms, but these military tests show that it may be an indicator of what's to come. I was kind of thrilled when I read this, because I've always had negative ANA results, and maybe this means lupus won't be in my future.
  5. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Thanks for all the information.

    I have had all of the above tests which were negative and I have to have my thyroid watched as I was once hyper and now hypo.

    One of the reasons I am asking this question is that I feel my FM/ME is neurological. I do not get sick easily. Sometimes I question the diagnosis of CFS and wonder if the exhaustion is from the FM only.

    Very helpful information for myself and anyone who has the same questions. Thanks.

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