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    I am so burned-out today after lengthy doc appointment..If anyone knows how to move that over to this area, it would be greatly appreciated...

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    Believe it or not I have ADD. And was once told by a Middle School teacher I would NEVER be a doctor,lawyer or other highly educated person. Yeah right! I graduated H.S. at 17, Graduated College at 21 and Med School at 26. I was sick most of my latter Undergrad years with Hep but was allowed to bring a lot of work home, do special "design a program" prodjects and basically make my own schedule--luckily I went to a very assisting college. Unfortunatly, I had many Labs that I was required to attend. I was Put on the Adderall for both the fatigue and help with attn. Although it helped with fatigue it did not help with attention. I was on 10mgs 3xs a day. That seemed to do me in after a while. I don't exactly why. I assume I might have fried some of the receptors in my brain. It isn't a documented medical fact or at least a recognized one that this can happen. But I can assure you, it did for me. I must have been sensitive. I never came back. Never had energy or joy after that point. Maybe it was some weird coicendence?

    Many of my closer friends call me a walking mess, having hasd so many callenges and medical problems at a young age. They seem to blame me. I know this is due to thier own insecurities.

    BTW hep-B and maybe C, respond well to shizandra berry extract, High doses of Milk Thistle every 4 hrs...except when sleeping. Western Medicine offered me nothing...not even a chance to do anything more than wait it out and suffer. I had supposedly done to one of the best GI docs at Yale. He was brisk, condascending and did NOT do ONE thing that any person could do on thier own....except monitor my Viral Load and LFTs. He was a true jerk! I was so nauseaus 24/7 that I lost a ton of weight. I am only 6'0, 150 and went to about 125. I wouldn't eat, stand to be around smoke, noise, etc... I eventually got better. I saw a naturopath and she was helpful. I learned that foods such as beets, watermellon and advocado are great for the liver.

    I learned to enjoy life after that to some extent...although I am still without joy--and it's not depression of any sort that I know of. I have immune indicators in my blood that I have adapted and am immune to Hep-B. My LFTs are perfect. I don't do drugs and only drink lightly. I'm a huge beer fan :)I take as few medications as I can...just Remeron (which I am weaning off of), Klonopin and an occasional Ultram or Tylenol. Oh and maybe 6 times a year a 2 Fiornal w/codeine III,for migraines.

    I don't know what happened. Doctors will tell me its, strss, burnout, depression etc... and maybe that's secondary but I know its something as of yet unknown.
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    I have been exploring the herbal arena to find possible solutions...This may not help you, but I have found Olive Leaf Extract to be the most effective herbal for me, at this point..especially, if you have migraine-like headaches which are triggered by allergies (as mine were)
    They were diagnosed by a neurologist as migraine (one-sided, but I knew they were histamine-triggered, which I don't know if that is accepted by mainstream neurology)..I have not had one migraine, since I have been stabilized on the OLE, and this is my most frequent period for migraines, during the March/April Madness month (as I call it, as I could have 2-3 migraines/day, now)..Also, my chronic sinusitis has been very effectively treated..It is suppose to treat a wide variety of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections..probably, opportunistic in our DDs..
    I think it is helping in other areas, too, but will wait to make more positive observations on that..

    I am, also, exploring Nattokinase as a possible fibrinolytic enzyme to treat the hypercoagulation problems as indicated by many researchers..hopefully, to find an alternative solution to the heparin..Do you know about it's effectiveness?!..Dr. Sumi discovered it from adding bacillus natto, a beneficial bacteria to boiled soybeans..(such a popular dish in Japan)...It's all over the web, but
    don't know if I have found an objective reading of the subject..Do you know about it?

    Sounds like you have had (me, too) some really rough days..hope you will have better days ahead...

    Thanks for your input,
    Many Regards,
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    Yes, I do know about Heparin, Coumadin and all the other blood-thinners because that's a must know for all docs. But I dont know about the enzyme you are talking of. I will read about it though! Are you on a 1-a days childs asprin (81mgs). This is the cheapest and safest FBN I can think of--provided you aren't allergic to ASA. It greatly enhances your chances of recovery from stroke, nonhemorhaggic and from heart attack. I carry a bottle with me, as I am also a Paramedic and have been doing it Part-time for 2 days a week for a while, while in college. It's one of my favorite "jump kit" musts. I am not a Paramedic now because it's impossible to do it during a residency. If you start to get chest pain or have had a previous HA, chew one 325 asprin or take 5 childrens asprin at the first sign. Just by doing that, you have upped your chance for survival by about 15-20% or more! Amazing stuff, some of these older drugs.

    I myself have too thin blood, so I dont have the problem you do. my PT/PTT is slightly off. I take Vitamin K and think it has put me back in the normal range, as I was just tested a few weeks back. I need to stay away from Asprin as a rule. Though, one of my medications, that I use on occasion has it in it. But that's OK.
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    I do not know how you can do a residency with this disease, but I will be praying for your recovery and tell those guys to take it easy on you...my cousin is a doc and I have heard about the horridly long hours...

    Peace be with you, my friend..
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    It's hard. My "mentor" doctor gives me a lot of support. I go slow, rest when I can and smile a lot. I realize anything is possible and when you ask for help a lot of the time there are many willing people. They have me in the walk-in center of the hospitol now. I mentioned I don't mind dealing with FMS/CFS patients and they seemed thrilled!

    My supervising director almost S---t when he saw that I had Rx'd Oxycontin 10 mgs q 6h to a FMS patient. I explained why, noted the documentation and negative Narc screen test.
    He grinned and seemed OK with it. They review residents very frequently here and are not afraid to threaten us. I am not intimidated. I use the same protocol for everyone, Ultram//if that doesnt work, Tylenol 3 or 4's, Hydrocodone (vicodin or lortab), and if need be, Morphine (Msir)and injection of Demerol and Oxycontin. Everyone is entitled to a competant, and compassionate doctor, even at a hospital!

    It is hard because there is a lot of drug seekers at the hospital. One pt came in and when I asked her if she had any allergies, she said to Morphine and Demerol...yeah right! She wanted Dilaudid. You could tell she was a user. She had track marks a perforated septum, from cocaine use. Dry overly aged skin at 35, loose and yellow teeth from anoerexia and heroin use. They stop eating. I felt bad for her. Took here aside and asked her if she had a Hx of substance abuse. She denied it, refused to get any blood work and I had to send her on her way without anything. I hate to see people suffer because of the few who abuse. I don't like to label or prejudge people as users, but sometimes it is very obvious. Sorry, did I get off subject? LOL.

    Anyway. How I or Madwolf do it, is somehow a big unknown. I am getting stressed and feel like i cant finish this. But I know I need to.
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    But it is too bad that the minority of "drug-seekers" can reduce the chances of access of the truly in pain..Luckily, I have not needed the pain meds..hoping to go the least "heavily drugged route", myself..

    But, yesterday, I brought a whole stack of information on these DDs to my doc and I think she finally realized I might have a "real physiological disease"..but I doubt she will read a lot of it..but you know, at least it is there..I wanted to make it as easy, as possible, because we do not have any CFS/FM knowlegable docs in this area...and I wanted to present a basis for what is needed, here..

    Substance abusers were known in the mental health field as the hardest to treat, and usually, had to reach rock bottom,
    before motivated to change..but then, of course, many substances are very addictive, too..I finally, freed myself of smoking, but, with treatment of the ADD, found the reason for the underlying need for a stimulant...so there can be a physiological, as well as, psychological need for a substance..In fact, they are finding a physiological basis for most "psychological" problems..

    Take care of yourself,
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