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    Hi there,

    I just read a post where you indicated that, possibly, the Immunovir may not be so effective..Can you point me to some of the research you have done that is indicative of that?

    If you are not using the Immunovir, which T/1 T/2 shifter are you going to use? and do you know how I get info on it?
    I just found out that one should not mix Heparin/Olive Leaf Extract...

    Hope you are having a good day,
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    Thanks for your message. Since I read so many articles on Immunovir/Isoprinosine yesterday, don't ask me which article I read which indicated that immunovir does not seem to be as effective as some antivirals.
    I find these 'hidden' things quite often which has taught me over the many years that I am ill, to be careful what one reads/what to believe/and what not and above all to be realistic for any successes.
    Dr. Byron Hyde who is a Canadian doctor in Ottawa only did research on 16 CFS patients and the results for me were just not good enough to try this med many years ago.
    But, I am positive there are people who I am sure would and are having good results with Immunovir which I am also reading and following up on this board.
    Hope this info will help you and take care, Lucky

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