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    Hello, Mikie;
    I got a little confused today when I saw my doctor when he told me that my mycoplasma test came back with the remark 'inconclusive'. Also, and this confuses me even more I was told that I was very ill a couple of weeks ago and have 'walking pneumonia'. Is 'walking pneumonia' not caused by mycoplasma infection? Well, I know that you are an expert on it and have may be an explanation.
    Was I lucky to have survived my Portugal trip and could at least get a mental break and a good sun tan. If I would have known how ill I was before I left, I bet, I would have never gone. But....I survived and experienced a complete different world around me for some time and can live of these memories for a little while.
    Since I was away, I have not seen a recent picture of how you look with the healed face, and I hope everything went according to your expectations.
    Kind regards, Lucky
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    At least they didn't tell you the test was negative. I would get retested. If it was mycoplasma pneumonia (sp?) which caused the pneumonia, it can go stealth in the body.

    I had walking pneumonia years ago just before moving down here. This was after my initial mycoplasma infection (I still don't know what strain(s) I had). Eating lots of really spicy foods is very good for pneumonia as it thins the mucus. I ate spicy Vietnamese food for weeks at a little cafe near my house. I felt like hell but continued to work.

    I hope you are feeling better. Perhaps Jelly will have some good input for you. I used to do a lot of research into mycoplasmas, but I have fallen behind and Jelly continues to stay up to date.

    Love, Mikie
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    for your reply and input because I was thinking almost the same that the doctor should have offered to get me retested. I will see how long it takes to get over this walking pneunomia, otherwise he will see me again in his office. It still amazes me that the doctors are often not very co-operative, and if I would not find out about the connection of mycoplasma and walking pneumonia, I would never know. Yesterday I also asked for a Lupus test plus straphylococci etc. But, again, these tests are all done because I am asking for them.
    What else can I do to get rid of the walking pneumonia instead of eating spicy food which I am not too crazy about. Well, may be Jelly can help me out there, I know she is the greatest on research and lots of info.
    Today, I am so exhausted again, how long will it go on? By the way, when I asked for Foscarnet or Ganiclovir yesterday, the doctor would not give it to me. He told me that we will be hit with a lot of new and dangerous viruses and if I take these meds now, I they will not help when I really get sick. We are heading for the West Nile virus infection here in Ontario which is the next scary thing and much more involved than SCARS.
    Hope you are feeling o.k. and thanks again, Mikie, and kind regards, Lucky
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