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    ` I finally found a copy of the book you recommended..It is interesting to note that this book indicates that H.Pylori bacteria may be responsible for Chronic Sinusitis..I had a ulcer about 8 years ago, tested for H.Pylori (positive), and was treated with antibiotics..Well, my ulcer did not reappear, so I thought they got rid of the bacteria.

    Have you tried Olive Leaf Extract, or not found it helpful in your case? I, initially had a horrible reaction to the first bottle I tried, but it had extra ingredients in it and it was, probably, too heavy of a dose..I am doing much better on this second bottle, and hope that I will not have to go on the ABX for antimicrobial treatment..I value your input, highly, as you seem to tell it like it is....Hope you are doing better these days.. :) LOL, AMELIA