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    How is it going, Pat?

    You might say that I am a OLE devotee, as I have overspent in that direction (have a whole year's supply)...Did you see the opinion put forth by one of the posters, indicating that her health care practioner said, only OLE, is effective for Fibro...I just hope that I don't develop a tolerance..Do you take it about every other day? (that might work, better, I was thinking, as the body would not be able to depend on it every day).

    I cannot afford anything else, presently..as I have bought a whole slew of other supplements, too..trying to help rebuild the immune system and hormone situation, in particular..I have had achlorhydria (no acid in stomach) for many years, which probably caused the nutrient deficiencies...

    I drink a lot of green teas, although, I do believe the English have perfected the art of tea..coffee dominates our culture..

    I guess it is going to take some time to turn things in the right direction..Do you see a naturopath or any alternative care docs? I think that is what I need to do, but just don't have the money at the present..


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    Thank`s for the post. I have been decorating so haven`t spent much time on the PC the last few days - speaks volumes I guess...

    Yes, we should call ourselves the *Olive Leaf Girls* - It`s such a good product, just have to keep spouting off about it`s benefits...

    I too have a stock of it in the cupboard. Two types, OLE on it`s own and another by Higher Nature that has Echinacea, Black Elderberry, OLE & Myrrh. - This stuff is dynamite on severe chest congestion, throat, ear infection and colds/flu.

    I am on one a day (OLE) for the IBS, but do forget on days I am working, real cloth head at times... Acidophilus too, to replace the good guys. Do you take this?
    I couldn`t tolerate white bread and pasta, but now I find I don`t even want them any more, it`s wholemeal bread instead.
    and mainly veggies & fruit in the day.
    I have lots of onion, and garlic too if possible. - Having a go with an army of antidioxants, - which have got to be contributing to the difference!

    I am still feeling great, sleeping fantastic, and my fatigue is different, i`m knackered by evening, but can still get up off the sofa to do things. Be glued to it normally...

    Lord you poor love, no acid in stomach - you have been having major problems, not to mention protein/nutrient deficiency, - which leads on to other complications, how the hell have you kept going???

    Glad you are on the green teas, these will be helping no end.

    Did you mention you are on Flaxseed Oil too at sometime? It`s brillient stuff, I`ve even got my elderly neighbour on this!

    It`s so difficult to know what to take, and even in your case if it`s going to run the gauntlet and get through!
    Not much else we can do apart from keep plugging at it with what makes sense after reading up on literature.

    I don`t personally see any professional practitioners, but when Dawn was *sofa ridden* 2 1/2 yrs ago, I used our Homeopathy shop in town (advice was free) and he said I was giving Dawn the right stuff but not enough of the Echinacea. (He had never heard of Olive Leaf Extract as it happens, so I was put off from trying harder at the time to find it)
    I was giving Dawn:- Echinacea, Evening Primrose Oil, Vit C, Multi Vits, Enada, Magnesium etc... - She did make gradual recovery, then started exercising and losing wieght, but must have been overdoing it because she came down with Shingles last August, which knocked her completely sideways.

    It was after that I remembered reading about OLE and made a concious effort to find some, which I did in October and BINGO, her energy levels increased by 20-30%.
    She`s at a point where she can have a life now and doesn`t care much for taking tablets, - So i`ve given up chasing her every day with them, and she drinks very little throughout the day too, so I have given up on her somewhat recenty and she hasn`t progressed much further. She is running at about 80% health atm.

    We are both still on the Cytolog though, and her sinus has still improved, mine comes and goes - nothing like it was though, but I have noticed it`s when I have milk and cheese it gets worse, - must be these that irritate it.

    John (my gorgeous hubby) and I are off to a friends for the day tomorrow (barbeque party), Be such a treat to be well enough to enjoy it.
    They live on a farm, have 7 dogs, - kept 5 Golden Labradore puppies from the last litter ((completely off their heads)), Have a goose, a fox recently killed the other, Aahhh, and have a massive pond with these beautiful huge Koi fish. Farmhouse is in hell of a state which they`re presently doing up.

    My parents arrive from Spain this Wednesday to stay with us till Sept, in their 80s - and HE DRIVES ALL THE WAY....
    Hate to be behind him, he`s terrible!

    Anyhow, i`m off to work today, so catch up on you later.

    I hope you have a good weekend, stop overdoing it and take it easy, - I should practice what I preach...

    Love Pat.

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    It was just so enjoyable reading you. Thanks for taking the time to post what you did. Brought some smiles for sure!

    I like your natural way of writing, see your beautiful personality shine through!

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    Love the name & thank`s for the compliment, nice of you to take time out to post me.

    I`m not intentionally funny, - just got to the grand age where I don`t give a damn if I embarrass myself, it`s wonderful... (Daughter hates being out with me) say`s I make her *cringe*. Good I say, makes up for all the grief she gives me.

    I see from your bio you like to laugh, - you already know it`s the best therapy there is. We don`t have enough laughter - THAT`S what`s wrong. Stuff the Olive Leaf...

    Hope you had a good day today,

    Love Pat.

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    you feel, then shout it to the world..I don't know about that Lifestar man...I was just relating what he said, and don't want to quell the subject..

    I am on a multitude of supplements, too many to go into now, but it includes most of what has been talked about, here, including the Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics..

    But, really have not seen a huge difference, with the exception of the OLE...and have not eaten processed foods in a long time..

    I bought some sea salt, the other day at the grocery store, but think I need to get it at a health food store, after reading about Hain in the postings.. Do you use any particular brand? I know that they sell it in bulk at a health food store...is that OK?

    I really like that term, knackered, that you use..it sounds exactly how I feel much of the time...colorful language..but think I need a dictionary for your English..

    Just wanted to keep in touch, but I am going to be very busy, inbetween being very "knackered", in the next few days..Enjoyed, very much, hearing about your life...I don't think I could keep up with your life, however..

    Just reread your post, as the brain is drained, today..have taken, in the past, a lot of herbs which caused intense itching, Valerian and ST.John's Wort..but I have not tried Echinacea..and the other components in the Higher Nature brand..did that make a big difference in Dawn's case? or is it mainly for colds, etc.

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    I would say Echinacea is one of the most essential elements in combatting this disease. It boosts the immune system by increasing the white blood cells. I assumed you already knew about this stuff, i`m sorry for not mentioning it before.
    It`s very much the same protocol as OLE in that the system can get used to it, so should only be taken for say a month and then have a break. That`s why I like the HN combination for times of flu etc...

    I`m not spouting off about the Cytolog yet because Dawn isn`t tripping about the house in the same gleeful way I am, *can you see the cheesy grin on my face*...

    Though she has returned to her former stroppy, hateful selfish, knowing better than me stage recently, - Gone right off her this week, been doing my head in. so maybe i`ll stop her on the Cytolog, JJ.
    She`s also been doing a hell of a lot of revision for her exams next week, so I guess the stress takes it out of her. Her memory is amazing now to what it was so it could be the Cytolog working.

    I`m waiting to see if anyone else tries Cytolog and has the same results first. I was thinking it`s perhaps the combination of diet etc that has attribributed to my new found energy.
    So am holding back some on this for the time being.

    Are you on Flaxseed Oil?

    Hope your days a good one,

    Love Pat.