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    Did your sinus symptoms stay resolved with the Cytolog, even in this most potent allergy season..My sinus symptoms have gotten worse, now...

    I had to increase my OLE to 1200mg/3/day..I just hope it will not stop working..Do you think that to avoid the tolerance factor, maybe one needs to stay off it for longer than days..maybe a week?

    I was thinking I might supplement it with the Cytolog...Did you get my emails? I was in my premenstrual state, at the time..

    Hope you are doing well,
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    No sorry, I haven`t received any E mails from you, did you make it lower case lines between the names? Easy to overlook, what a shame to have missed them.

    Yes, my sinus is non existant now and Dawn isn`t suffering with sinus or pollen anything like she was last year...

    As for the OLE, I think 6 weeks on and a break of two to four weeks, which much follows the ABX route is what has been recommended.

    Dawn hasn`t had any OLE for weeks, I think the Cytolog seems to be doing the job now - her energy levels have improved so much in the last four months, she has a much better quality of life now.

    You may not need OLE with Cytolog at the same time, so that will give you a break from it anyway.

    Love Pat.

    PS I will sent you an E Mail later - that way you`ll get my addy again.
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