A message from Katie Couric about colon cancer.

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    This article is several years old but I think it is important.

    "A message from Katie Couric about colon cancer.

    Dear “Today” show viewers,

    As you all know by now, March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. This month also marks the fifth anniversary of an organization that is incredibly important to me, the Entertainment Industry Foundation's National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (EIF's NCCRA). I'd like to take a minute to tell you about our work.

    Losing my husband Jay to colon cancer was shattering — to me and my daughters; to everyone who loved him. After Jay's death, I was determined to try to put everything I had learned during the course of his illness to good use. If Jay had been screened for colon cancer a few years earlier, it might have saved his life. I wanted to spare other families the type of devastation my own endured.

    I sought advice from my friend Lilly Tartikoff, who is a longtime leader in the fight against breast cancer. We talked about what we could do to "save the colons." Lilly suggested I work with EIF, the collective philanthropy for the entertainment industry, and in March of 2000, the NCCRA was born.

    We've made solid progress on our two key goals: helping to further the science being done on all aspects of colon cancer and increasing awareness about the critical role screening plays in combating the nation's number two cancer killer. To date, we've raised about $25 million to support the work of nine pre-eminent researchers around the country."

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