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    hi ian. a while ago we spoke about taking lecithin, instead of the seriphos in the methylation protocol as i cant take the seriphos. and i asked you about the lecithin, i am trying to locate that message in the search bar, but having no luck.

    can you please tell me again what lecithin is and how it works with the methylation protocol?

    many thanks, joanierav
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    Lecithin is often re-named phosphatidylcholine. In fact it has a high concentration of phosphatidylcholine but also a number of other key substances, such as phosphatidylinositol, some glycolipids and triglycerides. These are all essential building blocks of cell membranes and a key to cell repair. Besides cell membrane repair it may play a part in the betain-homocysteine methyl transferase function, a key enzyme involved in methylation.

    I think Rich originally proposed phosphatidylserine but some people may have had problems with it. I do agree with him that lecithin is a better metabolite and easier on the stomach and more generally useful too.

    Hope that helps.
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    many thanks .