A missing cookie tin; the rest of the story

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    I posted this story in my own words about a week ago, but because we didn't find the tin at the time my friend had to write this letter to the papar;

    Someone was probably very surprised to find a yellow, decorated tin in the back seat of their dark green SUV on Monday afternoon, Oct. 9. You are probably accusing many of your friends of gifting you with the tin of oatmeal/cranberry cookies (or maybe you are wondering who your “secret admirer” is.) At the risk of embarrassment, here is “the rest of the story.”

    My friend and I stopped to visit a friend who was working in her new shop, “Quilted Heart of Montana,” in the Chokecherry Mall. After a while, she handed me the tin of cookies that I had brought in for her opening day. It was still half full. She didn’t want the temptation. We said “goodbye” and walked out, still gabbing. I clicked my remote and got into the dark green SUV parked right in front of the Mall. My friend got into the passenger side, so I put the yellow tin in the back seat.

    When I tried to put my key in the ignition, I realized it was in a different place. Uh-oh! This is not my car! I was so embarrassed and we both exited as quickly as possible, looked around to make sure no one had seen us, and hurried on down Main St. I then remembered we had walked about a half a block to get to the Mall. We were so glad no one had seen us do such a stupid thing. I drove my friend home, then stopped at a store to pick up a few things.

    Returning to my car – the right car this time, I turned to put the bag of groceries in the back seat and had a “flash back” of putting the yellow cookie tin in the back seat. Strange – no yellow cookie tin! Oh my gosh, it is in the other car! No problem. I’ll just drive down Main ST. and find that dark green SUV again.

    You guessed it – there were no cars in front of the Mall.

    I started laughing and thinking about what that person was thinking when they found the strange, yellow, oval tin with handles in the back seat of their otherwise pristinely clean car. I thought, “I’ll just forget about it.” After all, it was a very old tin and the cookies were several days old.

    Then I thought how disappointed my grownup “kids” and grandkids would be if the old familiar cookie tin wasn’t in its usual place when they come for their bi-annual visits. We had had it for over 30 years! We bought it at a dear friend’s garage sale. Oh, the memories!

    Long story short: Keep the cookies, but please return the tin. I’ll even bake you a fresh batch!

    I will post the rest of the story in a few days as the tin has been found and the rest of the story is so funny.
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    Loved your cookie tin story.
    Can't wait to hear the rest!
  3. sisland

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    can't wait for "The Rest of the Story" as Paul Harvey would say!lollol ! i'm from Montana! Flathead area! Love living here!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sydney
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    I was in a restaurant once, got my maroon wool coat at the end of the meal (I had hung it on a coat hook at the front of the restaurant) and went outside, got into my car, then decided it was cold and felt in the pocket for my old brown leather gloves. Wait a minute---who's pink mittens are these?

    Ooops---wrong coat! I slunk back in hurriedly and took off the maroon coat just in time to find MY maroon coat (with my gloves) and just as the real owner of the coat I stole walked up to the coatrack, so I had to confess my crime---we both laughed.

    Anyway---hope you get your vintage cookie tin back---let us know!

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    Ohhh please post the rest of the story, you know suspense is no good with these diseases, causes anxiety and the like you know!!!!

    How funny, am dying to know how it ends... please post soon!!
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    I thought for sure the rest of this story would be in yesterdays paper but I guess our little paper will not post it till next week. I will post it as soon as I see it.

    As for the tin my part of the story is I was walking to work this week and saw another shop owner out sweeping her walk. She asked me if I had heard about the cookie tin and we got to talking about it only to find out the tin was placed in her car that her husband had left unlocked before he took off on a trip in it, so the tin has been well traveled.

    BUT... I don't want to tell the story as I don't know all the details, so you will have to wait....

  7. 2BDreamer

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    Cookie tin takes unusual 3,700-mile journey

    The 3,700-mile odyssey of a cookie tin has ended and the tin is back in the hands of its rightful- and grateful-owner.

    How the tin took the long trip all over the West and returned home is told by the tin’s owner, Charlotte, and by Jim, the man responsible for the tin’s long journey.

    Charlotte set the stage for this unusual story with an item in the paper on Oct. 18. She wrote that she and a friend on Oct. 9 stopped to visit the owner of a new shop, “Quilted Heart,” in the Chokecherry Mall.

    After a while, the store owner handed her the tin of cookies Charlotte had brought in for her store’s opening day. It was still half full and she didn’t want the temptation of eating more cookies. Charlotte and her friend returned to what they thought was Charlotte’s dark green SUV parked in front of the Mall. Charlotte clicked the remote to open the doors.

    “My friend got into the passenger side so I put the yellow tin in the back seat,” wrote Charlotte. “When I tried to put my key in the ignition, I realized it was in a different place. Uh-oh! This is not my car!”

    So the two friends exited the car as quickly as possible. Then looking in every direction to be sure they were not seen, they hurried down the Main Street to Charlotte’s car which was parked half a block away.

    When she went to get a bag of groceries out of the backseat, Charlotte realized she had put the yellow cookie tin in the other car.

    “No problem,” she wrote, I’ll just drive down Main Street and find that dark green SUV again. You guessed it-there were no cars in front of the Mall.”

    At first Charlotte decided to forget about the cookie tin. But then she got to thinking about members of her family who would miss the tin in its usual place when they came for visits. She said she had had the cookie tin for more than 30 years.

    She wrote the story for the paper urging whoever had the tin to return it. She even promised to bake a batch of fresh cookies for them.

    It turns out she had placed the tin in the back seat of a dark green SUV owned by Jim, whose wife, owns a clothing store on Main Street.

    Jim said on that Monday afternoon, Oct 9, he was preparing for a trip with a friend from Forsyth. For the last 20 years, Jim and his friend have gone on a trip. In earlier years, it was to go hunting. Now it is just to take a trip.

    “Nothing is ever planned. We just go,“ said Jim, who is retired.

    It was while loading the car for the trip that Jim first noticed the cookie tin in the back seat. He said he assumed his Forsyth friend put it there.

    “I asked him about it and he made some smart aleck remark that I must be bringing lunch. I thought he was kidding,” said Jim. “He said he didn’t bring it. But I thought he was lying.”

    Jim knows his friend is diabetic and can’t eat cookies, but, he said, he thought it was nice of his friend to bring them-delicious oatmeal-cranberry cookies—for him.

    The two took off on their trip and stopped at Dell on Interstate-15 for lunch. When they got back into the car, Jim said, he remembered the cookie tin, opened it and ate a couple of cookies. He said he again accused his friend of bringing the cookies.

    “He insisted he did not do it but I still thought he was lying. But then I thought, okay, my wife must have put them in.” said Jim.

    Jim said, ironically, his wife wanted to send cookies but he told her he didn’t want them. But, he said, “I thought she must have sent them anyway.”

    “I continued to eat a cookie now and then.” Jim said. Their first night was spent at Jackson Hole, Wyo., and from there they traveled to Flaming Gorge Recreation Area, and Vernal, Utah. They spent the second night at Grand Junction, Colo., and there, for the first time, Jim called his wife.

    “I thanked her for the cookies. She just giggled and said she had not put them in the car. So now one of the two is not telling me the truth and is just joshing me,” said Jim

    Jim’s friend continued to deny he’s the cookie monster. They traveled though Moab and other areas of southern Utah. They stayed in Moab and the next night at Blanding, Utah. From there they visited Mexican Hat, Utah, and several national monuments and spent a night at Torre, Utah.

    Then they traveled though Bryce Canyon and St. George, Utah, to Las Vegas, Nev. From there it was a short drive to Armagosa Valley, close to Death Valley. They stayed the night.

    Jim called his wife and asked about the cookies but she kept saying it was not her. He asked if one of her friends had done it and she said she didn’t think so.

    As they traveled up to Lone Pine, Calif., and stayed a night at Carson City, Nev., Thompson said he began to wonder just whose cookies those were. He also wondered if he should keep eating them. But he did so-and there were so many cookies, he never ran out. He returned to home with cookies in the tin.

    Jim arrived back home and found a pile of papers to read. It was not until the next day he read about the missing cookie tin. He immediately called Charlotte. “I looked her up in the phone book and called her,” said Jim. “I told her I got it!”

    Charlotte’s reaction was laughter. Jim sent the tin with his wife to her store. From there it was returned to the quilt store in the Chokecherry Mall and the owner there gave it back to Charlotte.

    As promised, Charlotte sent Jim a fresh batch of cookies-this time chocolate chip. So all’s well that ends well. Charlotte got her tin back and Jim-well, he got two batches of cookies out of the deal.
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    Thanks , For the REST, of the Story.
  9. sues1

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    We all need these bright and cute stories. Need a break from the usual.

    Thanks for sharing....hugs.....Susan
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    Hahahahaa how many people can say their cookie tin does more traveling than them!! How funny, so glad to hear the rest of the story and best of all you got your tin back!!
  11. Mini4Me

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    It was great! Better than I thought. Now the cookie tin will not only be handed down from generation to generation, but with a great story behind it too!
  12. Lendy5

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    Wow beautiful story.....Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Carolin

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