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    I am just wondering if anyone has seen this movie. I would love to hear other's reactions.
    gap 2/3/2009

    I posted this as a thread on another post but thought it worth mentioning as a separate topic.

    There is a movie out called Arranged about two teachers, one Conservative Jew and the other Muslim who become friends. It is based on a true story.

    Both their parents are looking for men to arrange a marriage for the women which they do not want. I will not say anymore more other than the prejudice they run into is not just the other religion and how they empower themselves without compromising their religious beliefs.

    I thought the movie would be very predictable, but it is not.

    It is a nice, sweet independent movie, low budget and shot in two weeks. It is very moving without being maudlin.

    Very, very clever with a wonderful message.

    I give it four thumbs up!!

    Oh, yes, the name of the movie is called Arranged. You can rent it.

    Almost forgot the most important part.

    I would love to hear other's reaction to this movie.

    Take care.


    ETA Arranged can also be watched on the "instant play" feature of Netflix.
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    It is now officially on my Netflix queue!
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    I forgot to mention that this is also an instant play movie if you have the right configuation on your computer.

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    couldn't find it on my rental provider here in UK - but I've given them all the information on Director etc., so they will try to find it for me. I think I'd like it.

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    I recently saw it, and absolutely loved it! The main two characters (forgot their names) were so well developed. Coming from loving families, trying to wend their way between their upbringings, their family's and culture's expectations, and the contemporary world.

    What beautiful young women they were! Beautiful characters. I could say so much more about what parts I loved, but don't want to spoil the plot for others.

    I'm so glad that someone else loved it as much as I did.
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    What a great idea. We should all share movies we like.

    I am impressed you saw BB as it was soooooo long. I liked it, however I think they could have cut out a lot of the middle. Did you see the Golden Globes last night. The woman who played the mother was nominated for best actress. I would have never believed she was the same character. Though attractive in the film, in real life absolutely gorgeous!!

    I thought the special effects were good.

    Did you know in the original story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, when Benjamin was born he was five foot eight. Of course the story never explains how this was possible or if the mother was able to survive this. Suspension of disbelief!!

    I will have to write down some of my favorite movies. My favorite of all time, is To Kill A Mockingbird. The movie and the book.