a new approach that is working for some of us/ short version

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    I have been posting in the tread titled:
    14 years in remission/ free protocol available
    Today I posted a shorter version for people who complained it was too complex. I am posting it here too.

    Fibromyalgia Recovery Protocol

    Refrigerator Version

    1. Print this and show it to your doctor. If she/he approves, print and put it on your refrigerator.
    2. Find a low or medium carbohydrate diet you can be comfortable with. Atikns iis a Low Carb Diet. The Zone is a low to medium carb diet. A diet for people with diabetes can work as it is medium carb. You will have to ignore any suggestions about eating after dinner.
    3. Be sure you consume no fluoride and are not exposed to electromagnetic radiation, especially when sleeping.
    Breakfast: a Low to medium carb breakfast
    Take these supplements
    100 Mg B! (thiamine)
    50 Mg B complex
    divided dose multi vitamin from Solgar or Natrol
    taurine 500 MG
    L carnitine 1000 mg

    Lunch a low to medium carb lunch
    Take these supplements
    100 Mg B! (thiamine)
    50 Mg B complex
    divided dose multi vitamin from Solgar or Natrol
    taurine 500 MG

    Dinner a low to medium carb dinner eaten by 6:30 PM
    Take these supplements
    100 Mg B! (thiamine)
    50 Mg B complex
    divided dose multi vitamin from Solgar or Natrol
    taurine 500 MG
    L carnitine 1000 mg

    You may have water and unsweetened herb tea. Do not drink decaffeinated beverages now or at any time of day as these do have some caffeine.
    Take a hot bath (as hot as you can comfortably tolerate) sometime between dinner and bedtime.

    Just before bed take
    500 to 100o mg of magnesium and an equal amount of calcium
    3 to 5 mg of Melatonin OR 2000 to 3000 mg L Arginine.
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    However I also have a diagnosis of CFS with my FM and there is no way I can get up early enough in the day to have dinner by 6:30pm. Especially with the naps I have to take I never get 3 full meals in a day cause I am just not awake enough.

    It would be interesting to try but I guess another problem is that I am not willing to give up all my meds which are keeping me stable to try this out.

    Thanks for posting though and I hope there are people that can be helped by this.
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    did she say we had to give up our meds? i didnt know that.

    kallsup: the thiamine bothered my tummy big time. but i will try it one more time, maybe i didnt eat enough, altho my stomack wasnt empty. im doing the protocol as best as i can tho. but also i know the mag and calcium right before bed, would not be good for the tummy either. but i take them early in the evening instead. see how that goes. i love the bath before bed. but then again i am a bath person. will keep you posted kallsup. joanierav
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    I realize so many of you are so sick to the point where you are to weak to barely type on this messageboard, bombarded with fatigue and pain. And others of you are unable to take certain supplements due to certain sensitivies. But, maybe there are some parts to this protocol you can begin now and work your way up. For instance, you can eliminate flouride from drinking water and toothpastes (that is a biggie), you can eliminate the Electronic Magnetic Resonance from the room you sleep in ( the light that glows from clocks, radios, tv, vcr). You can also slowly try to wean self off of carbs/sugars (one day at a time), the bedtime bath if you are able to. Perhaps just doing these few things will help you feel just that little bit better that you can work your way to doing more of the protocol.

    Good Luck to All!!!
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    I agree totally with Vanna. Take this one step at a time and pick the step that is easiest for you to take. I developed this over a year, although I was doing most of it over a six month period. I think no food after dinner and add B1 are the two most important elements of the plan. But they may not be what you are able to do first.

    OK. it is impossible to eliminate fluoride that is naturally in water and the natural background electromagnetic radiation. The point is to eliminate what is added by humans.
    Why? How many of you noticed that the Gulf War Syndrome sounded just like FM? This is because it is FM. Most of the Americans in the Gulf War were dosed with Cipro, an antibiotic high in fluoride. So now we have fluoride as a smoking gun in the Gulf War Syndrome and possibly in FM. Cipro, and its first cousin Levaquin (also high in fluoride) are used to combat bladder infections which plague women more than men. How many of you have used these antibiotics?

    What do electromagnetic radiation and fluoride have in common? They both damage mitochondria, the powerhouse in each cell where food is turned into energy, the site of the set of chemical reactions known as the Krebs cycle or the citric acid cycle that has been shown by Eisinger (a researcher in France) to malfunction in people with fibromyalgia.

    The bedroom digital clock is probably our biggest enemy here as it sits next to the bed and gives of up to 8 milligaus of electromagnetic radiation. Microwave ovens are a biggie too. Turn on then step back 5 feet or more.
    Some older houses have wiring that gives off high levels but most houses built since perhaps 1970 (a guess) have wiring that is OK. Find your electric meter and make sure your bed is not within 8 feet of it. Measure the 8 feet right through walls.

    If your tap water has fluoride, get a good filter or buy water to drink. Be sure the bought water does not have fluoride.

    Good luck. You can get to health through baby steps.

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    What about electric blankets, or heated mattress pads?
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    If you drink water from a well you should have it tested. If it tests high in fluoride, you should by non-fluoridated bottled water to drink.

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    Amen on the levaquin, cipro and other fluroquinolones. Stay away from them if you have other, less toxic abx choices.
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    Okay, I know I'm being a big electronics geek, but I had to
    pull my pen from my pocket protector and push my glasses up my nose whilst saying, "Well, technically..." (Where's the smiley with the geek glasses?) 8]

    Avoiding electromagnetic radiation, or EMR, is nearly impossible in our world. ANY electrical device (yes, like your computer monitor) gives off EMR. The wires in any building built at any time give off EMR. Measuring 8 feet from EMR sources in my house puts me outside where electrical grid wires and transformers give off huge amounts of EMR.

    I'm with BroadCasting on this one with my puzzlement. I would like to try the protocol, but this part really doesn't make sense to me. I will be interested to see what others say after they try it.
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    I am trying to keep it simple as many with FM have brain fog and lots of details makes it all foggier.

    Here is more info on electromagnetic radiation and how to avoid it.

    The EPA was about to issue a limit of 2 milligaus for electromagnetic radiation in schools, but that regulation never was issued because of pressure from the power companies that do not want to the public to know about the health effects of the electricity saturated world that they live in.

    It is practically impossible to avoid exposure to electromagnetic radiation, but many experts on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation recommend prudent avoidance. For me that means keeping daytime exposures under 2 milligaus and bringing exposures during sleep as close to zero as possible.

    My computer exposes me to less than 2 milligaus. (much less actually.) I have chosen to work without an uninteruptable power supply because this emitted about 15 milligaus. I do not use plug in digital alarm clocks (which may be the most common source of electromagnetic radiation during sleep.

    I don't run the dishwasher when in the kitchen (6 milligauss)

    My most significant exposures come when riding in a car (under high power lines can be 8 to 20 milligauss)

    I first had FM symptoms in the 70's, and then I went into spontaneous remission with occasional mysterious flares. When it came back in the 90's, I drove a car with an engine under the driver's seat and I slept with an air cleaner very near my head. I did not know about electromagnetic radiation at that time. I don't have a measurement for the car, but I do know that car engines are a big source of electromagnetic radiation. When the engine is in front of the passengers and drivers it is usually far enough away to limit exposures. Hybrid cars have levels up to 80 milligaus I hear and motorcycles give the riders a good jolt too (I suspect not many of us are riding motorcycles!)

    Prudent avoidance means understanding the levels of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the appliances, computers, fluourescent lights, wiring, engines, etc all around you and taking steps to avoid what you can. I have been able to limit exposures with a few simple habits--dishwasher runs while I sleep, use laptop without power supply, drive the right car, battery clock next to bed, furniture in dining room limits access to area opposite electric meter.

    Short of living in a tent in the woods, you can't eliminate all exposure, but you can reduce exposure fairly easily.

    Electromagnetic radiation can reduce your ability to use melatonin. Melatonin helps you sleep and people with FM need to improve the quality of sleep.

    There was a study done of nurses who work the night shift. They were more likely to get cancer than the nurses that worked the day shift. The researchers speculated that the reason the night shift nurses had more cancer was that they did not secrete normal amounts of melatonin because their circadian rhythms are disrupted. (OK this is not a cancer message board, but this is interesting I think.)

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    I found your descriptions of how you minimize your own exposure very informative. What you describe doing sounds much more do-able. Thank you for taking the time to research and post the EMR info.

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    so kallsup
    that means you use a laptop not plugged in?
    do you think some computers/laptops safer than others?
    i have a macbook and leave it plugged in most of time when using it at home, but could easily not do that.
  14. It sounds intersting but what is taurine 500 MG
    L carnitine 1000 mg and L arginine. Are they supplements and what do they do? My dr. told me to take B vitamins. How long did it take before you felt better??

    Continued Good luck to you!

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    So I have a couple questions re: EMR. I had actually considered that this might be a problem for me while watching Ghosthunters and other paranormal shows that use the meters to measure EMR. They always mention how high levels can cause nausea and a whole host of other symptoms.

    So couple things for me. The electricity box thingy in my house where I would flip the breaker or whatever its called when something flips is in the hallway outside my bedroom, so I'm guessing that my bed is not more than 8 feet away from it. Plus, my building was built around 1952 or so, and I do not believe they have ever redone any of the wiring or anything. That would be bad, right?

    Also, I typically use a laptop, but my laptop battery has gotten to the point where it will no longer hold a charge for very long, so its constantly plugged in to the power source, which is right under the couch I'm sitting on. Bad again, yes?
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    Is the bath part necessary? I don't really like baths, actually am really not a water person, and I hate my bathroom, as there are mold issues with the bathtub that I cannot seem to get rid of. So I avoid touching anything in my bathtub as much as possible even when showering. I hate it! So baths are just not going to happen....
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    I am allergic to Fluoride to the point that I cannot breathe with Cipro. One tablet nearly sent me to the ER. I cannot have the Fluorescene eye drops during my eye exams or I get sick. I can tolerate what is in toothpaste if I rinse my mouth out well (there are different types of fluoride). I recently mentioned to the anesthetist for my knee surgery that I am allergic to fluride. He and the nurse went through every med to be given, before and during the surgery, to ensure I received none with fluoride. This is the first time I have awakened from anesthesia feeling great and not sick. Four percent of the population is allergic to fluoride. If you feel sick after having your teeth cleaned or an eye exam, you may be allergic to it too.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have not researched laptops and EMR in general. I just know about my particular laptop (Dell Inspiron). The levels from the laptop itself are not very high but the levels in the "brick" in the power cord are. I use it plugged and unplugged (right now it is not holding a charge too well) and keep the brick as far from me as I can. I will see if I can find out more about laptops in general.
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    I have not personally measured levels on electric blankets and have not studied these. But the rule of prudent avoindance would tell me that you don't want to add any unnecessary eletcromagnetic radiation during sleep. This idea might help some. Turn on the electric blanket 30 minutes before you go to bed. Turn it off when you go to bed. The bed will be warm and toasty and you will not have the extra exposure.
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    Don't give up your meds. But do discuss the protocol with your doctor before you begin. AT some point when you are feeling better you could try to slowly reduce meds with the agreement of your doctor.

    In my case I never began any meds so I did not have this issue.