A NEW Book Artwork from CFS Sufferers

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    "Creative For A Second" was born when artist and CFS/ME sufferer Kirrily Anderson began to notice the large amount of creativity amongst the CFS/ME community.

    Seeing an opportunity to highlight this creativity and spread awareness, Kirrily began to contact fellow creative sufferers and after much interest decided to collate people's artwork and experiences and put it all together in a book.

    The book is published here online - just click on the "OPEN PUBLICATION" button for the full view. Printed copies will be available to order shortly, if you would like to be notified when they go on sale, please email us via the contact page.

    The books will be around $30 (Australian) plus postage and handling. A more accurate price will be given when numbers for the printer have been finalised.


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  2. Forebearance

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    Hey, if you ever make a second one, I'll be in it!

    Good luck with the launch!


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