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    I"ve notice that theres alot of people having trouble with keeping the faith,
    I"ve been there many times and I really think God is right there beside us,I know that its so hard at times to hang on,when I think I can"t make it through to another Day,I remember that everything starts anew in the morning.
    God is not mad at us because we have bad days.think about your own children,when their down and depressed,do you stop loving and caring for them ,NO you still love them and try to help them,we are all children of God and he will never leave us.I hope everyone can find just one thing today to be joyus about. blessing sixtyslady
    Did any of you see the little boy that lost his Dad in iraq? how brave this little guy tried to be, I just sat and cried for him and his Mother,it was on good morning amercia.Please pray for this Family.
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    Thanks for the reminder that God is right there beside us. That is something I need to hear and be reminded of daily. The measure of his love is unimaginable.

    I didn't see the show you're talking about but we have several friends leaving for Iraq May 9 and 10 and friends who are there now and a couple who came home in a bodybag. This is a very painful thing for our family to deal with, but we pray for them daily and have faith that God is in control. The whole situation is very heartbreaking. My neighbor is leaving May 10 for Iraq, and he told me not to pray for him but to look out for his family while he was gone. He is so worried about them, while at the same time we are worried about him. He walks his dog Bud in front of our house every evening at the same time and we have often talked by the fence. I can't imagine him not walking Bud for 15 months. I worry about Bud also who will mourn not having Steve around. Sorry to get carried away like this.

    Thanks again Sixtyslady
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    wow what a weekend,I just now got a chance to get back online.
    we all can pray for our soldier,s and their families.and try to keep the faith for them.
    its so funny a few years ago I prayed but not the way I do now,God has helped me out so many times,now thats the first thing I do is pray,
    My hubby and I where at walmarts this morning and someone passed out and they where working over this man we went to another check out and I just closed my eyes and began to pray for this person that God would help him and the people that where working over him.I think the checker probably wondered what I was doing not unloading my cart, but the prayer was more inportant,so I just took my time and prayed no one knew what I was doing but I didn"t care.

    sometimes we all feel like giving up, My Grandson is having problems again and just can"t seem to get his life in order,but I never give up praying that God will send someone to get through to Michael. I will pray for MIchael,till I 'am gone I will not just let Satan take over.
    this board is such a wonderful place to come to,and just know that others will agree and pray with us.
    there is a anointing on this board,and I pray for all daily.
    have a good day and blessings sixtyslady
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    Father I lift Michael up to you right now and I ask that you send a special person his way to speak to him, send someone who will be a good role model for him. I ask for favor in the courtroom tomorrow, and provide him with a compassionate judge who will help him bring about the necessary changes in his life. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen
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    I wanted to let you know that everything will work out for the good. After reading a little about your grandson I thought I would bring you some comfort by sharing the rest of my testimony with you.

    Read all about it on the Praise Jesus thread.

    Never give up praying because God can take ashes and turn them into beauty, it's happened for me.

    God bless you,