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    I would just like to say, that WHATEVER name change is decided on, to please consider to
    After 10 years of suffering with "Fibro" & "CFS", I still find it exhausting to >Educate people as to what I have. With a foggy brain, it's hard enough for me to remember, much less spit out what abbreviations mean.

    I do agree that "syndrom" should be dropped. "NORMALS" just can't get a grip about what we endure minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, year to year.

    To re-educate Medical Practioners will be a huge task, for there are many still out there that try to explain our symptoms away instead of clearly stateing what it is we "do have".
    I am in Australia, and this suggestion of a name change must resonate "WORLD WIDE", for it to be successful.
    In Love, Light & Laughter

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