A new PICTURE game! - vol. 3

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    Hi everybody!

    I think all the pics were guessed in volume 1 and volume 2. So let's move on.........

    I've only found a couple pics for this volume. Maybe Rock can help out when the pics are guessed?? Maybe, please! :)

    PIC 1

    PIC 2)

    And a BONUS pic, kinda/sorta:


    And this critter sings to you all --------------

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! Kevin is on vacation from tonight until 2016. So, we'll be baking, cooking, etc. I'll try to pop on and read, maybe even do a short post between batches of cookie baking. Or first thing in the morning, when I'm up before the sunrise, drinking my coffee, browsing on the 'puter.

    Love and hugs to y'all!!!


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    OK. Starting with the easy ones, we have a chipmunk followed by
    the David Seville Chipmunks: Alvin, Theodore and Simon. The
    Chipmunks became part of our Christmas culture the year I
    was graduated from High School. Two other songs popular that
    year were Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and I Heard
    the Bells on Christmas Day which set to music Longfellow's poem.

    I read somewhere that the singing chipmunks got their distinctive
    voices by speeding up the recording.

    The first pic is St. Mary's on Chapel Street.

    The second pic is a mystery to me. The terrain and the abundance
    of stones suggest New England.

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    Okee Dokee. Here are famous homes or homes of famous people
    in America. I think I might have posted the first one before.

    Put on your thinking caps, rosin the bow, and start your engines.






    A few clues. Two of the homes belonged to famous Hollywood couples
    Both members were stars. One owner was a politician; one was an author.

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