A new PICTURE game!

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  1. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi everybody,

    I haven't been posting a lot. Between Thanksgiving and having Kevin home for vacation, and my tooth breaking and needing a temp crown put in, etc etc, I've been preoccupied. I don't remember when I had the temp crown put in, but it FINALLY STOPPED hurting! Yippee. (My mouth is so sensitive to dental procedures.) :eek: I go back next Monday to have the permanent crown put in. Yippee! :D

    Anyways .....................


    Here are some pictures for y'all to ponder.

    Have fun! Good luck!

    Diane :)



    PICTURE 3 unusual-3.jpg


    PICTURE 5 (1 & 2)


    That's all for now!
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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Number one is the Teapot Dome Service Station, Zillah, Washington. It
    was inspired by the teapot dome oil scandal during the presidency of
    Warren G. Harding. Still standing, it is no longer in business.


    Number two is in Lindstrom, Minnesota; built in 1902. The message
    says Welcome to Lindstrom in Swedish. It was in the news a few years back.
    I think it was because it needed repairs.


    Number three is Babe, Paul Bunyan's blue ox. Bemidji, MN has statues of
    both that were built in the 1930s. I usedto live in that part of N. Minn.
    There is also a statue of Mrs Bunyan in nearby Hackensack, Minn.
    Her name is Lucette. The current statue was put up inthe 90s. They
    had a better one in 1963 when I was there.


    Dunno about the rest. Gotta go watch a painting show w/ Gordon.

    Good luck w/ your dental procedures, Diane. Last time I needed a
    crown I couldn't afford it. I just settled for a tiara.

  3. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    The last pictures are of cacao pods. I LOVE my chocolate! :D

  4. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    ONE PIC TO GO ------ NUMBER 4!

    Do y'all need a clue, for 4?

    Great guessing, y'all!!


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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry

    Very good. Gordon just took a look at the pics. He agrees. Cacao pods
    /beans. The white thread-like material is glass or cellophane noodles.
    Made from the starch in mung beans. Gordon cooks them now and then.

    Here are some pics of exotic vegetables. Have been to many
    farmers' markets, but never saw any of these.


  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    How interesting, DiIANE. Glad that your tooth no longer hurts you. Looks like most of the pictures are already spoken for and I am to busy with no time to look any more up. Good job ROCK, GORDON and BARRY.

    I saw that DIANE posted some pictures and I wanted to take a peek. They surely are very interesting looking and different. I never have seen any of them either. before except perhaps the cacao pod.,

    Need to go do some more Christmas cards . I have choral practice tonight so can't do any then. Keep everyone guessing :)!!

    Love to you all,

  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Fiddle-neck ferns, oca, and some cross between broccoli and cauliflower (I forget it's name).

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Barry is correct as usual. The oca is a tuber from the oxalis tuberosa. It's
    similar to a yam or potato. Said to be sweeter than a potato with a variety
    of flavors. Good source of Vitamin C, iron, potassium. Grows in S. America.

    The fiddle-neck ferns can come from a variety of ferns. They are still
    curled up because they are not fully grown. But some varieties are
    said to be carcinogenic and/or to contain toxins.

    And the remaining plant that looks like it might be part porcupine
    or perhaps part of a coral reef is a Romanesco cauliflower. Provides
    vitamin C, fiber and carotenoids.

    Barry, I tried one of those cauliflower-broccoli crosses some decades
    back. Don't remember too much about it. I think the flavor was
    rather faint. I thought a bowl of the two vegetables mixed would
    be better.

    GB, you'd think people with the world's largest anything would take
    better care of it. Remember Oliver Sacks? He was the world's most
    famous neurologist. Wrote several books for the general reader. He
    was portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie Awakenings.

    He generally wrote about people with damaged brains. One of his
    books was titled The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. Another one
    was A Leg To Stand On. Sacks injured his leg when chased by a bull
    in Norway and for a period of time (I can't remember how long) he
    felt that his injured leg was not part of his body. Eventually he
    had the experience of feeling it "snap back into place".


    Was just looking at some old e mails to and from one of my brothers.
    Wanted to make sure I had told him something. Turns out I did.
    Also turns out he forgot.

    Anyhoo, I found an old joke that is somewhat apropos in that it
    combines medicine with a vegetable. "Well," the doctor said,
    with regard to the head of broccoli that got hit by a truck, "He
    pulled through the surgery alright, but I'm afraid he'll always
    be just a vegetable."
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  9. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi y'all!

    I enjoyed reading all your replies.

    Rock, I didn't recognize your pics when I looked at them this morning. But I see that Barry guessed them all correctly. :) I've never sampled any of them.

    Barry, Chocolate. What else is there to say! Unfortunately, for me, I don't like dark chocolate. :( I'd rather have a small piece of milk chocolate once a week or so, than eating a small piece of dark choc every day. Kevin is the opposite. He now loves dark choc.

    GB, Wow. A bull on the road. In traffic. Glad that no one was seriously injured. But your last two words almost made me dribble coffee earlier this a.m. "No bull." LOL

    Granni, Stop by and visit more often, although I know that this season is really busy for you.

    Here are the links to my pics, in case y'all want to read more about them.

    1) Teapot Dome Service Station

    2) Swedish Coffee Pot Water Tower, Lindstrom, Minnesota

    3) Klamath, California. Babe the Blue Ox

    5) Cacao


    Now, the answer to picture 4:

    Dragon's beard candy (also called Chinese Cotton Candy)


    Thanks for guessing, y'all!!!!!

    Rock, feel free to post more pics. I don't have any more pics, at the moment.

    Later, 'gators.

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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Okee, Dokee

    What can you make of these, Kids.








    In accordance with modern educational theory and practice, you are not
    required to correctly identify any of the above. Just showing up is

    Rock [​IMG]
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  11. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi GB & Rock & all --

    Rock, I have to figure out how to enlarge your pics. They are teeny tiny on my computer! Maybe Kevin can help me tonight, after work.

    Anyways, just checking in with y'all ..................

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi BG and Diane

    Yes, Cypress Gardens is correct! I remember seeing it now and then at the
    movies in travelogues or newsreels. Yes, it has gone through various
    changes of ownership lately. The theme parks put it out of business.
    I guess the garden part is still there. Apparently it's just the skiers who
    slalomed off into history. (Another pic of C. Gardens below.)


    As for the size of the pictures, Diane, you identified the smallest one. All the
    others are 2-3 inches wide on my screen. I try to post small pictures 'cause I
    don't want to use up a lotta space or pixels or something. On my
    machine I can make them a little bigger by going to "View" at
    the very top of the screen and then clicking on zoom and then on
    zoom in.

    Regards to Kevin
  13. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi, y'all ---

    Hey Rock, I think I found a pic!!! Woo Hoo!!! (well maybe, if I'm correct).



    I'm still searching for the other pics!

    Diane :D

    PS -- OOH! I found another pic!

    THE BROWN DERBY restaurant!



    Great game, Rock.
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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Gordon went off to visit some new dentist's office.

    Well done, Diane. I didn't even know the airport building had a name. It was
    built in 1961. Is on the cultural monument list in LA. Don't know what
    it cost, but they've spent 14 million in renovations in the last 2 decades.

    The restaurant closed a year or two ago. There is an observation deck on top
    of the restaurant, but that was closed after the 9-11 attacks. Here's a pic
    from inside the restaurant.


    Yup, that's the Brown Derby. It was on Wilshire Blvd. about a block from
    where I used to work. Gordon and I worked in the same skyscraper. The
    tallest building on the boulevard. But we never met while we were
    working there. The population of the building was 3,000 or 3 x the size
    of the village where I grew up.

    There was another Brown Derby in Hollywood. That's the one where
    Lucy and the pie met Bill Holden. Both places had excellent food and
    caricatures of the Hollywood stars. There was also a Brown Derby
    near Griffith Park. That one went out of business a few years ago.

  15. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Congrats to you and Kevin, Diane. You are absolutely right. Independence
    Hall in Philadelphia would also be correct as the one at Knott's Berry
    Farm is a copy.

    So you guys got all except the winter scene from Rochester, MN. It was
    the best, small picture I could find of the Mayo clinic. A nice wintery
    scene anyhoo. Whenever the family went to Rochester my brother and
    I would try to be the first to spy the clinic and the ear of corn water tower.

    The Ambassador Hotel was just across the street from where Gordon
    and I worked. Same neighborhood as the Brown Derby. The Hotel
    was replaced by a school about a decade ago. There is now a group
    of public school buildings there. Most costly in the country with
    over 4,000 students to further clog up the traffic on Wilshire
    Blvd. Uff-da!

    The new school complex is named for Robert F Kennedy who was
    assassinated there in 1968. One of the attorneys in our firm was
    there that night. She said the cops and the secret service would
    not let anyone leave. They had to wait for hours before they
    could finally go home.