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  1. sunflowergirl

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    Over the years we've all received various gifts, but what ONE gift sticks out in your mind as very special and meaningful.

    As for me, when I was 7 my parents had zilch money to spend. I seemed to know that even at that early age. For my BD my mom bought a little cardboard doll trunk and made clothes for my doll to fill the trunk. It opened up like a closet and had a little drawer to put small items. I used to pretend I was traveling on a train with my "children" and my luggage. I loved everything so much. Kept them forever until about a year ago I discovered the trunk, which was in the garage, had fallen into terrible disrepair. It had been smashed and filthy and was beyond saving. I had to toss that bit of childhood in the trash. About 4 months ago I came across a similar one at a yard sale and bought it for my granddaughter. She now keeps her Barbies and their clothes in this one. Not the same though for me!
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    Another intriguing topic. I can't think of an intriguing answer though. LOL But what a wonderful
    gift from your mother. Hand made with love.

    I think Barbie was born about the time I went away to college. My sister was not even in school yet.
    Anyway, decades later my mother was going through a closet and pulled out a plastic covered box that
    held Barbie and clothes. My mother pointed out the craftsmanship that went into the clothes.
    Made with tiny stitches. Detail work. She said the modern stuff is nothing like this. I wonder if
    my sister has that doll now.

    I read sometime ago that there are a huge number of Barbies. 160 or something. A real trap for
    compulsive people who want to collect every single one!

  3. Soul*

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    The one gift that completely changed my life for the better is the gift of learning meditation and being able to reconnect to my inner self and to a neverending source of peace and love and light. The organisation that is teaching that as a free community service literally helped me to learn how to pick myself up in my darkest days and turn them into light. I used to be such a thundercloud having lost all hope in myself and in the world and in being able to be happy, and that was in my healthy days. I can't even start nor do I want to imagine how my life would have been wouldn't I have found that. It's a priceless gift and a gift that will stay with me for the rest of my life or lives even :p
  4. Mikie

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    When my kids were little, we didn't have a lot of money and at Christmas, what we did have, we spent on our kids. The grandparents rounded things out and the kids had lots of Christmas gifts. I needed a new winter coat and saw one which was not too expensive but was beautiful. My ex sold his bike and bought it for me. I cried when I opened it. See, I told y'all my marriage wasn't all bad and it definitely had its moments.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Darrae

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    Hmmmm. Interesting topic. I think the best gift I ever received was from my grandfather. Actually 4 gifts. At the age of four years old, he gave me a 1920 silver dollar. Each of the next 3 years another silver dollar. A 1921 when I was 5, 1922 when I was 6 and 1923 when I turned 7. I kept them all my life. Not due to the intrinsic value, but because they were from grandpa and grandpa alone.

    I never actually knew my biological grandfathers. They were both deceased before I was born. My grandma J. re-married and grandpa Ralph was the only grandpa I ever knew. We were best pals. He never called me by my name. To him I was always "Buddy".

    Unfortunately, 8 years ago, my youngest son, (who sorely regrets his actions now), found them in my jewelry box and spent them. I can't begin to tell you how heartbroken I was. Nor, how angry I was with that child. I don't know what they were worth. I didn't care. I just know that I lost a very important piece of my life that can never be replaced.

    I do, however, still have the buckeye he gave me that he carried always in his pocket. He carried it for years. When I was about 7 he gave it to me and said to carry it for him. He passed away just before I turned 8. But I will carry that buckeye for him as promised for years to come.

    Loves N' hugz
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    Rock: why not ask your sister while you're thinking of it. I've asked my DD if she had them......yes.....but for the life of me I don't remember. I have, however, gotten my little granddaughter into them and have spent hours working on special fancy clothes for her. OMG, what a job@!

    Soul: I understand about the meditation. I've tried it off and on, per instructions from my oldest son. Some days it's good for me, and other.....well......it's a tough thing to do.

    Mikie: so special what your X did for you. That touches my heart.

    Dar: Is that the little buckeye nut? Sentimental value of things far surpasses monetary. I have two little made in china cats that my favorite aunt bought for me at Woolworths when I was around 6 to bribe me to spend the week with her and my grandparents. My grandchildren want to play with them but sorry......these two little cats just mean so much to me. It was like a special memory frozen in time when I went shopping with my aunt Helen.
  7. Darrae

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    What a lovely memory! It's those little things that mean so very much. And, often cost so little. Yes, the little buckeye is a nut. A very dark shelled nut. He had more than one. But he always had one in his pocket. Grandpa used to rub it with his thumb. I don't know why. I think, maybe, it was his version of a "worry rock" (My mother had one of those, which I kept when she passed away.) But the nut is very shiny. Sometimes, I do the same, (rubbing it with my thumb), in memory.

  8. Soul*

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    I remember a very old neighbour always having a buck eye in his pocket too. He said to rub it helps against arthritis. I didn't know they stay 'fresh' for years to come. That's special!
  9. Windytalker

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    My greatest gift was having my son. We were told we might not be able to have children and went to a fertility clinic after 7 years of trying. Clinics of this type were "new" back in those days. Both my DH and I had "problems". I was so elated when I learned I was pregnant...you would have thought I was the only woman in the world who had ever been pregnant.:)

    It's funny how things work out...I gave him life and he saved mine! He's an RN and when I learned I had cancer, he decided to come from CA to be with me when I started chemotherapy. When they started the IV, the nurse walked away (the chemo clinic was very full so all nurses were exceptionally busy). I immediately started into anaphalyxis and he recognized the symptoms. I absolutely could not breathe!! He turned off the IV and went for the nurse...as said, he saved my life!!! Had he not been with me, I don't know what would have happened...I probably wouldn't be here.

    I'm very proud of him. He's now a Director of 3 departments at the hospital where he works. I do worry about him very much since all of this is very stressful for him and it's affecting his health.

    It's funny though...we love each other but we've never been able to communicate well. I don't hear from him often...when I do it's usually because he's got a problem. But, I am very glad he feels he can come to me...