A new source of Mercury poisoning

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    "The Environmental Protection Agency estimates crematoriums emit 320 pounds of mercury per year, while activists say the real figure could be as high as three tons."

    "One solution could be to remove mercury fillings from corpses before cremation, but industry officials say many families would object because their loved ones could be disfigured. Another solution is to install emissions controls on crematorium smokestacks, but industry officials say that could be expensive and put small operators out of business."

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    I do not know about all of these mercury theories.
    I know there has been much exposure to them.

    I just wish someone would list the group of mercury 'possibilities' that we could all compare to.

    And we do have the factories,etc. , but what were they spewing or what was the kindly dentist smiling as he drilled in a hundred bucks.

    I will admit I am confused, but thank you so much for bringing it to the light.


  3. springrose22

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    Honestly, I wouldn't have thought of that, but it makes sense, doesn't it? I still have my amalgams, but am too sick right now with adrenal exhaustion to have them removed, so maybe they will go up in smoke eventually?!?!?

    I'm watching your chelation with great interest. Thanks for the update on that. Marie

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